10 Sexting Phrases Girls Love

What are ten sexting phrases girls love? Sexting is like the new phone call. No one talks anymore. It's all about email, IM, text messaging, and sending freaky sexting phrases. Cool sexting phrases are what's hot right now. Because of this, it behooves you to know a few sexting phrases that the ladies like. They involve misspelled words and emoticons galore. Get ready for a crash course in sext communication.  Here's ten sexting phrases girls love.

  1. "U shud B here". It's quick, it's to the point, and she'll think it's cute. It's a very open ended comment that could lead her to wonder exactly why she should be there. Yeah, sexting seems like freaky communication for half-wits. You'd better get with the program and get stupid.
  2. "I Luv Ewe". This sexting phrase is equally as ludicrous as the first. She'll love it. If, of course, she can figure out who "Ewe" is.
  3. ":-P ( . ) ( . )". Look closely at these seemingly random symbols. What you may think is gibberish is in actuality a sexting phrase alluding to the fondling of a young lady's boobs with your tongue. Most newer phones will show ":-P)" as a face with a tongue sticking out. You can imagine what the remaining symbols are.
  4. "<3 <3 <3". No, it isn't some complex code for a PC video game. This little sexting phrase is actually three hearts. It's another way of saying "I love you".
  5. ":-x ( . ) ( . )". Yes, it's exactly what you think. There's a kissy face and a set of boobs. What do you think it means? More importantly, what do you think she'll think it means?
  6. "mmmmmm". It's like a moan. If she says something extremely erotic to you, reply with this little gem. She'll know that what she's saying is turning you on. It's simple, yet it gets your point across emphatically.
  7. "Can't w8 2 C U". Yeah, it looks like some corny license plate. She'll love this little sexting phrase. Still haven't figured it out yet? "I can't wait to see you."
  8. ":-P V". This is the symbol for taking a trip downtown. You know, down there. It may be a little harder to understand. You've got your tongue faced guy and the capital letter "V". Well, the V is shaped like a woman's pelvic area. Get it? Got it? Good. She'll love this sexting phrase, after you've explained it to her.
  9. "You got me 8——>". You know what this means. She'll know instantly. Though you may enjoy this little sexting phrase more than her.
  10. "I wanna…". Why is this a cool sexting phrase. Because it's open ended. You'll force her to wonder exactly what you want to do, and exactly how you want to do it. You can be creative and fill in the blank with any freaky thing you want. It doesn't matter, she'll love it either way.
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