10 Sexy Actresses From The ’80s

It wasn’t hard at all to find 10 sexy actresses from the ‘80s. The decade was overrun with hot looking women in tons of different movies. This was a time when plastic surgery wasn’t quite as common, and the women were generally a little more natural looking.

  1. Michelle Pfeiffer. She was hot, and she could act. If there were only one actress to pick among all the sexy actresses from the ‘80s, Michelle would be the choice of many men. If you want to see her at her hottest, check out the movie “Into the Night”.
  2. Phoebe Cates. She was so hot in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” that she became iconic for many guys. Phoebe has a great body and beautiful eyes, along with a sexy dark complexion.
  3. Rebecca De Mornay. Anybody who’s ever seen risky business knows that it’s very hard to find any sexy actresses from the ‘80s that can match this goddess. There is something in her manner that’s incredibly inviting. Even her voice is super sexy.
  4. Christie Brinkley. She’s known more for her work as a model than as an actress, but her role as the figure of fantasy for Chevy Chase in the film “Vacation” will forever cement her as one of the most sexy actresses from the ‘80s.
  5. Jennifer Jason Leigh. She has an innocent quality combined with a hint of devilishness. The best movie to see why she’s one of the most sexy actresses from the ‘80s is called “Flesh+Blood”, where she plays a royal maiden kidnapped by bandits, and makes herself into Rutger Hauer’s willing sex slave.
  6. Kelly LeBrock. She was a great choice for the primary female protagonist in the film “Weird Science”. In the movie, she’s supposed to be the perfect woman, and it’s honestly hard to imagine a woman that looks more perfect than her.
  7. Molly Ringwald. She’s certainly one of the most iconic actresses from the ‘80s, but sometimes she doesn’t get enough credit for being one of the sexiest. A good movie to Molly at her most attractive is “Pretty in Pink”.
  8. Daryl Hannah. She defines the concept of the leggy blonde. Daryl is almost like a fantasy come to life, and the best place to see why she’s one of the most sexy actresses from the ‘80s is splash, where she plays a mermaid.
  9. Diane Lane. Her facial features are nearly perfect, and her voice is even sexier. The best place to see her in action is the late 80’s TV mini Series “Lonesome Dove”.
  10. Kelly McGillis. This vixen had a voluptuous body, and she possessed classic old-time beauty. The best place to see her in action is her fantastic performance in the movie “Witness”.
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