10 Sexy Babes On TV

Looking for the top 10 sexy babes on TV? These sexy babes were chosen for their good looks, flashy smiles and great bodies. From blondes to brunettes, no one was overlooked.

  1. Evangeline Lily. This brunette beauty made her name on "Lost." Now that that popular show is over, what can be next for this sexy TV actress?
  2. Olivia Wilde. Her eyes say it all. Nothing is sexier than eyes that can see right through you, and Olivia Wilde has got them. As a doctor on House’s medical team, Wilde’s character plays not only a doctor but a bisexual that has Huntington's chorea, a hereditary disease that her mother had.
  3. Hayden Panettiere. Best known as Claire Bennet on "Heroes," Panettiere has made a name for herself in many areas. This blond-haired beauty turns heads as if she were a rock star.
  4. Kaley Cuoco. This "Big Bang Theory" star is a sweetheart. She has starred in many shows, including "8 Simple Rules" and "Charmed."
  5. Katherine Heigl. Although this actress has been in many movies to date, she got her start on TV and still ranks as one of the top 10 sexy babes on TV. Heigl played Dr. Izzie Stevens on "Grey's Anatomy" and catches the eye of every sex-crazed man around.
  6. Ali Larter. This "Heroes" star has also starred in "House on Haunted Hill," "Varsity Blues," and "Final Destination." Although she has had big screen success, she will always be known to us as one of TV's sexiest babes.
  7. Eva Longoria. This desperate housewife has seen and done it all on TV. After nearly 160 episodes, she is still one hot and sexy babe on TV.
  8. Jennifer Love Hewitt. The Ghost Whisperer has been canceled, but Hewitt had a good five-season run as sexy leading lady who talked to ghosts.
  9. Lauren Graham. This hot mom from the "Gilmore Girls" is what every mom of a teenager wants to be. She can turn a man's head without breaking a sweat.
  10. Kate Walsh. Another sexy TV babe with amazing eyes. This woman can melt any man’s heart, whether it is on "Grey's Anatomy" or in the Cadillac commercials. 
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