10 Sexy Ideas In On A Rainy Day

Rainy days can be a drag but you and your significant other can spice it up with these ten sexy ideas for a rainy day that will satisfy you and that special someone. These 10 sexy ideas can create excitement in your relationship.

  1. Kiss in the rain. Nothing is sexier than sharing a romantic kiss in the rain. You have seen it in movies and several magazines, now it is time to make it a reality. Kissing in the rain can create a sexy moment because you and your significant other are close; sharing a very intimate experience. When you are kissing in the rain, go in slowly and look deeply into your significant other's eyes. If you are willing to get wet for a couple of minutes, it can be one of your best kisses.
  2. Play a sexy board game. Playing games during a rainy day can be fun, especially if its a sexy game. Games like, strip poker can create a sexy experience for both you and your partner. Sexy board games are usually available at adult stores but you can create your own game, if you are a creative person. Playing a sexy game can lead to other sexy things, that you and your significant other will definitely enjoy.
  3. Take a bath together. Many sexy things can begin in the bathtub. Taking a bubble bath together is a sexy idea because the two of you are extremely close. Get you favorite bubble bath and bath salts and create a romantic experience that the two of you will enjoy.
  4. Cook together. You and your significant other can create a sexy moment by cooking together, using ingredients that will spice up the palate. When a couple cooks together, they create an intimate experience that cannot be matched. When you finish your meal, you can create your own sexy dessert.
  5. Have a steamy massage at home. His and her massages are great to relax and excite one another. Use nice smelling oils to massage your partner and put on music that will create the mood. The massage will definitely lead to other special things.
  6. Have a day of movie watching. Watch movies that the both of you will enjoy. If your girlfriend likes chick-filcks, watch some with her. It is also a good idea to watch some romantic movies that will put both of you in the mood. Cuddle up with your special someone and watch your favorite films.
  7. Dance together. Plug your iPod into your stereo or computer and play your favorite tunes. Dancing together can create an intimate moment between the two of you that cannot be matched. Switch up the music, play fast songs, as well as slow tunes to create a mood.
  8. Feed each other chocolate covered strawberries. Chocolate covered strawberries are a great aphrodisiac. When you feed them to each other, the mood will intensify and lead to other romantic things.
  9. Bundle up in bed. Just laying under the covers in the bed together can be sexy. While in bed, you and your significant other can talk about life or anything that comes to mind. Just being close can be sexy.
  10. Make love all day long. What is better than making love all day, on a rainy day. The rain can create a sexy mood that will excite the both of you. Once you turn on some sexy tunes, you will be ready.
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