10 Sexy TV Ads

Companies realize that sex sells and the 10 sexy TV ads in this article prove it. There have been lots of ads down the years featuring cleavage, butts or innuendo but the very best of them are classics we all remember.

  1. Miller Lite Cat Fight. The beer companies are experts at making sexy TV ads and the fountain scene cat fight is among the most sexy TV ads ever. Two hot girls fight over the best qualities of Miller Lite and, to cap a great ad, the audience gets an eyeful of the brunette's awesome breasts.  
  2. Miller Lite Cat fight 2. OK the original was an absolutely top notch sexy TV ad so it was always going to be hard to beat. Miller Lite decided to add Pamela Anderson in lingerie and a pillow fight into the mix. Brilliant.
  3. Victoria Secret Miracle Bra. The Victoria Secret Miracle Bra ad showed nothing but Adriana Lima's breasts for twenty seconds of bliss. The Brazilian beauty has a pair to be proud of and what more could you ask for in a sexy TV ad ?
  4. Lynx Cave Women. Lynx deodorant ads usually feature hot women who are unable to resist the smell of the scented body spray. The sexy cave women ad introduced audiences to a bunch of Raquel Welch look-a-likes wearing very little to cover up their oiled bodies and bouncing boobs. 
  5. Virgin Atlantic. Richard Branson likes taking risks and TV ads for his airline are no different as they tend to feature sexy girls. The 25th anniversary ad featured a whole bunch of high heel wearing hotties.
  6. Calvin Klein Obsession. Calvin Klein loves to make controversial ads and frankly, some ads that are just plain weird. There was nothing weird about the ad featuring Eva Mendes—in fact, it was amazing as the big busted Latino sex bomb left little to the imagination.
  7. Special K. All Special K ads are sexy because they mainly involve hot women looking at their butts in the mirror. The Lisa Snowdon, beach scene ads were sexier than most as she paraded around in underwear and looked hot.
  8. Trojan. Trojan is another company that makes sexy ads but it is no wonder since they make condoms. The best ad featured the groom being seduced by his would-be sister in law. Turned out it was a joke but she dropped her dress and the concept was sexy.
  9. Durex Play Vibrations. Durex didn't show any cleavage or nudity but the suggestiveness made the ad sexy. A lady receives what looks like a ring in a box and accepts the guys proposal but we the audience know it is not the kind of ring she thinks it is.
  10. Cialis. Ads from Cialis are great because they remind you that people over the age of 30 enjoy sex. The ad featuring the satisfied wife with the inane commentary is a classic and one of the 5 sexiest TV ads.
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