10 Shirts To Wear With Plaid Shorts

Choose one of these 10 shirts to wear with plaid shorts and you won't have girls turning away from you in disgust. Plaid shorts can be tricky to wear. If you pair the shorts with a shirt that is the exact same shade, you'll look too matchy-matchy. But if you wear a shirt that contrast too much, you'll look like you got dressed in the dark. For best results, try to match one color from your plaid shorts with your shirt and see what happens.

  1. Simple white t-shirt. Is it underwear or a shirt fashionable enough to wear on its own? The white t-shirt has been the subject of needless debate over the years. Yes, you can pair it with a pair of plaid shorts and look like a winner. In some cases, a plain white shirt may be the only shirt that matches your loud plaid shorts. To avoid any potentially embarrassing issues with the shirt being see-through, consider doubling up and wearing two white shirts at once.
  2. The sweater vest. Find either a solid color or argyle print sweater vest and pull it on over your white t-shirt. Make sure the vest matches the plaid in your shorts though. For instance, if one of the stripes in your shorts is navy blue, look for a navy sweater vest.
  3. Button up linen shirt. The texture of the linen will offer a nice contrast to the plaid pattern on your shorts. Again, make sure the shirt's color goes with one of the colors on your shorts or you'll look like you don't know how to dress yourself. Stick with short sleeve linen shirts as long sleeve ones will look ungainly.
  4. Solid color ringer t-shirt. If you can find a ringer t-shirt, which has a band of contrasting color around the sleeves and neckline that matches your plaid shorts, you'll be in luck. A ringer shirt is a little more interesting looking than a plain t-shirt without going too over the top in terms of style and details.
  5. Solid color V-neck. If you have a particularly hairy chest, you may want to skip the V-neck. Otherwise, it's a smart shirt to wear with your shorts, especially if its well fitted, since it will show off your chest and shoulders. Go with a neutral color such as black, gray or brown.
  6. Polo shirt. You'll look like you belong at a golf club when you pair a super preppy polo shirt with your plaid shorts. As always, make sure the colors match and stick to neutrals if you feel overwhelmed.
  7. Striped t-shirt. Stripes with plaid is definitely risky, but you can pull it off if you're that type of guy. Choose narrow, small stripes with a large plaid or wider stripes for a smaller plaid print. Matching colors is especially important here.
  8. Pull over sweater. Choose a solid color, v-neck or crew neck, light weight sweater to wear with your plaid shorts on cooler nights. Look for a sweater that doesn't have too big of a knit, avoid the chunky cable knit styles, which will clash with the plaid.
  9. Cardigan. Throw a nicely fitted cardigan on over your plain t-shirt or polo shirt. Choose a cardigan in a color that is found in the shorts, but that is different from the color of the shirt underneath.
  10. Screenprinted t-shirt. Sometimes, you get lucky and end up with a printed shirt that perfectly matches the colors in your plaid shorts. If such is the case, go ahead and wear the two together.
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