10 Shopping Tips For Men

Most men find shopping to be torture, but with these 10 shopping tips for men, some of that pain and suffering can be alleviated. 

  1. Know what you need. Before you head to the store, know what kind of clothes you are shopping for. Do you need casual clothes? Dress clothes? Work clothes? One of the best shopping tips is not to go with an entire mall to conquer. Be prepared to shop only for what you need.
  2. Don't spend it all in one place. Men have a tendency to go to one store, find a couple of items they like, and buy several different colors. Plan to shop in two or three stores. You  may find great shirts and one store and great pants at another.
  3. All clothes are not made equal.  Just because you find a great pair of jeans doesn't mean you can buy three pairs of the same brand, style, and size of jeans and they will all fit the same. Try everything on. It takes a bit more time, but you won't have to go back to the mall to return something that didn't fit right later or worse, just let it hang in your closet for years with the tags still on.
  4. Wear appropriate clothing. When shopping, wear clothes that are easy to get on and off. This will save you time in the dressing room and shorten the time you have to spend shopping.
  5. Wear or take appropriate shoes. When shopping for pants, knowing if the length of the pant is correct will quite often depend on the type of shoe you will be wearing with those pants. Shopping tip #5 is don't buy dress pants based on the way they look in your tennis shoes or work boots. Take your dress shoes and try the pants on with those shoes.
  6. Don't forget accessories. Will you need a new belt? Shoes? Tie? Undershirt? Socks? Tie clip?
  7. If you aren't sure, try it. An important shopping tip for men is to realize that a hanger does not accurately reflect the way a shirt will look on your body. If you aren't sure if you like something, try it on. You may find it is just what you need.
  8. Ask for help. Those people that walk around the store and ask if they can help you with anything actually can assist in your shopping excursion. The people that work in retail stores are familiar with the inventory the store has. Looking for a blue polo style shirt that is a medium blue and not light or dark blue that doesn't have a weird emblem that costs less than $50? As the sales associate. They can take you right to the shirt you seek.
  9. Set a budget. Shopping gets expensive. If you only have $200 to spend and buy that designer shirt and pair of pants, you probably won't have anything left to spend. If you know your budget before shopping, you will know what price range to look at while shopping.
  10. Take a friend. There is no shame whatsoever in taking your wife, girlfriend, or female friend with you. If you know another guy who needs to go through the painful shopping experience, go together. Divide and conquer.

Guys, if you know how to shop for yourself and ladies, if you know how to shop for men and get them to actually go, use the 10 shopping tips for men. Ease the suffering of shopping for men.

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