10 Shopping Tips In New York

Read on for 10 shopping tips in New York. Shopping in New York can be daunting, but if you keep your eye on the prize you can end up with some great stuff at very reasonable prices. Read on to find out where to go, when, for what, and always remember to be courteous when shopping; you will get better deals with kindness than with aggression, even in this city. 


  1. Leave Sunglasses At Home. When you spend a day out shopping in New York, you will enter and exit a dozen or more places. Make it hard to leave things behind by not carrying much with you in the first place.
  2. Find High Quality Clothes On The East Side. Anywhere from E. 50th Street up to E. 96th, between 5th Ave. and 2nd Ave. is a hot spot for high end clothing. This is where you will find Barney's and Sac's, but it is also home to many excellent high end consignment shops where you can find great deals on designer clothes.
  3. Buy From Sample Sales. A few times a year, high-end stores in New York sell left over sample merchandise from designers. Competition at these sales can be fierce, but you ca walk away with thousands of dollars worth of designer clothes and accessories for very little money. 
  4. Make A Plan And Stick To It. New York City is incredibly distracting. If you don’t make a solid plan about what to buy and where, you can easily spend the day wandering around, spending money needlessly, and come home with sore feet and an empty bank account. Stay focused, and only buy what you really want to buy.
  5. If It Looks Fake, It Is. New York City is full of great shopping deals. It is also full of scam artists looking to rip off tourists. If you see a designer product priced below market, and you are not at a sample sale, walk away, or at least know that this is most likely a black market item.
  6. Stay Outdoors On Weekends. If you are planning a trip to New York and you want to shop in stores, get there early and shop in Friday, or stay through Monday afternoon and shop Monday morning. Fighting through weekend crowds is just not worth it.
  7. Saturday Flea Markets. New York City takes flea market shopping to a new level. Every Saturday in reasonable weather, you can find great antique furniture, jewelry, and cameras for cheap prices at the many flea markets. Check out the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, located at West 39th Street between 9th & 10th Avenues
  8. Check Time Out. Time Out New York is a weekly culture magazine in New York City. In every issue, they publish weekly shopping tips like good deals and sales. Checking their pages can save a lot of time and hassle.
  9. Try Chelsea. Chelsea is a stylish neighborhood on the west side of Manhattan where a lot of gay men live. This is a great shopping area for men who want to step up their look to be really fashionable, or for men who just want to find a nice suit to wear to work. 
  10. Buy Local. There are thousands of stores in New York, but many of them can be found elsewhere. Since shopping in New York is especially exhausting and time consuming, you might as well end up with unique items—things you couldn’t find at the mall in New Jersey.





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