10 Sightseeing Tips For Hamburg Germany

In a city full of great entertainment and cultural opportunities, you will find these 10 sightseeing tips for Hamburg, Germany (in no particular order) very helpful in getting your trip started.

  1. Fischmarkt – After a long night of music and drinking in St. Pauli, you are bound to be hungry. The fish market at Altona (near the Reeperbahn) offers live music, fresh seafood, heaping potato and egg plates, coffee and (never mind that it’s seven in the morning) more beer. Lively fishmongers and fruit sellers send their products sailing through the air and you’ll be sure to agree that this unique experience deserves a place on any list of 10 sightseeing tips for Hamburg.
  2. Reeperbahn – This is the heart of Hamburg’s red light district and is known, for good reason, as “the sinful mile”. Live music venues, pubs, kebab stands, sex shops and strip clubs line the street and hordes of revelers pack the sidewalks every night of the week.
  3. Herbertstraße– Located just off the Reeperbahn, this gated street is the center of Hamburg’s legalized prostitution industry. Another tip: While prostitutes advertise their services throughout the red light district, Herbertstraße is not for the casual tourist just looking to “see what it’s all about”. If you visit, plan on entering some sort of business transaction.
  4. Beatlemania – If you didn’t already know that the Beatles first got famous in Hamburg, you will figure it out as soon as you arrive. The Fab Four made the Reeperbahn their home while they perfected their style and built a fanbase. Beatlemania is a state of the art museum explaining the story of the Beatles, as well as showcasing memorabilia and providing interactive displays. This is definitely a top sightseeing spot in Hamburg for even the most casual Beatles fan.
  5. Planten un Blomen – If you’re looking to get a bit of fresh air and take a break from Hamburg’s concrete and steel, there is no better place to relax and sightsee than Planten un Blomen. Low German for plants and flowers, this park delivers much more than its name implies. Stop for ice cream or beer in between playing with the free interactive water features and exploring the tropical greenhouse and Japanese gardens.
  6. Alster – With a visit to this centrally located lake, you are really seeing 2 of Hamburg’s top sightseeing spots. Rent a paddleboat or sailboat on the outer lake (außenalster) and get a view of runners in the park training for the marathon. Cross the Kennedybrücke (Kennedy Bridge) to the inner lake (Binnenalster) and you’re just a few minute’s walk from the town hall and downtown.
  7. FC St.Pauli – A list of sightseeing trips for Germany is not complete without at least one soccer-related item. Hamburg’s FC St. Pauli, playing in the St. Puali district, is one of Germany’s most energetic and inspiring teams. The team is also known for its staunch anti-Nazism and support for equal rights for all, so even non-fans will have something to cheer for.
  8. Sternschanze – This district of Hamburg has a wide selection of casual restaurants, clothing stores and the occasional riot. Sternschanze is still home to much of Hamburg’s counterculture (although it has been gentrifying). Check out the Rote Flora club, occupied by squatters since 1989, which finances itself through punk, ska and reggae shows.
  9. Hafencity – Not yet fully complete, this is Hamburg’s newest area and is a must for sightseers. Currently Europe’s largest construction project, Hafencity is being created through the revitalization of former shipping warehouses. The Hamburg Philharmonic Hall is at the top of any architectural sightseeing list in Hamburg.
  10. Stadtpark – If you want to play like the locals do, pack up your portable barbecue, a case of beer, a dozen brats and head to the Stadtpark. Check the local schedule for an impressive lineup of outdoor concerts. If you don’t get tickets in time, just set up your picnic outside the venue and you’ll get a decent show for free.
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