10 Signs Of A Crazy Girlfriend

Guys, be prepared to recognize the top 10 signs of a crazy girlfriend and avoid them at all costs. There isn’t anything more fulfilling than having a girl by your side, but if she is showing signs of being a little loony, the best advice is “buyer beware.” Here are a few red flags that may indicate that your girlfriend just might not be the girl of your dreams.

  1. Your girlfriend exhibits extreme jealousy. Being proud and somewhat protective is one thing, but if she is isolating you from your friends or family or wanting to be present all the time when you are talking to someone besides herself, a light bulb needs to go off that she is crazy.
  2. She calls you excessively. There are a lot of couples that love to talk on the phone for long periods of time, yet calling over and over is crazy. You will eventually need to shower, eat and converse with someone else. If you haven’t spoken with her for a short amount of time and you have ten or more missed calls, your girlfriend is a little out-of-hand.
  3. She puts her hands on you in a negative way. A misconception many crazy girls have is that if they push, pinch or hit a guy out of anger, it is not abuse. It is. If she is showing any signs of violence, it will only escalate; drop her like a hot potato.
  4. You catch your girlfriend in extravagant lies. Oh, this is a tell-tale sign that the elevator doesn’t go all the way up and she is crazy. If you find out she has lied about something, call her out. If it continues, say goodbye. A relationship should not be built on dishonesty.
  5. She has a reputation with the vast majority for being crazy. If this is the case, see if there is a legitimate reason. True, don’t judge a book by its cover, but do protect yourself. See if you can find any truth to the judgment being passed, preferably before you enter into the relationship.
  6. If your girlfriend talks to herself and hears voices. Well, she is crazy! This is definitely a hands-down sign and shouldn’t be hard to notice. Don’t listen to her excuses; just slip on out and don’t look back.
  7. She likes, or wants, to experiment with strange, violent or scary sexual behavior. Ding ding, you have a crazy girlfriend. There are reasons someone may want this sort of experience in the bedroom, and it usually isn’t just innocent curiosity.
  8. Her own words show signs of craziness. Listen to how she speaks of past boyfriends or friends. You could be next in line, so pay close attention to her conversations and how she sees past relationships.
  9. Your girlfriend has a known, serious mental illness. There are many people that have mental problems, but those problems are sure to cause kinks in your relationship. Steer clear.
  10. She has tried to kill herself. Head for the door as fast as you can. If your girlfriend has tried to kill herself before, she is more than likely going to try it again and you don’t want that resting on your shoulders.
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