10 Signs A Female Coworker Doesn’t Like You

Here are 10 signs a female co-worker doesn’t like you. Sometimes you aren't even in the mood to go to work, but to be confronted day in and day out with a co-worker that doesn't like you can make the atmosphere at work unbearable. Although you could be jumping the gun in thinking your co-worker holds hostility towards you because of a few negative encounters, here are some signs to look for to prove you were right on the money.

  1. She has a nasty attitude. She never speaks to you, doesn't have a kind word to say to you and when you speak to her, either she’s doesn’t speak or barely acknowledges your presence. You go out of your way to be polite, but she still has an attitude–that’s a sign that maybe she’s not one of your biggest fans, especially when she is nice to others at work.

  2. This female gives you dirty looks. Sometimes you catch her looking at you with the evil eye. You are minding your own business trying to get your work done, but if feels like someone is staring at you. You look up and your co-worker has a scowling on her face. That’s a red flag that female doesn’t like you.

  3. Has a smirk on her face when you get reprimanded. If the supervisor scolds you for some work you didn’t do or didn’t do right and you notice she seems to relish in your embarrassment, this is a sign your co-worker doesn't like you.

  4. Does she talk about you with other co-workers in a negative way? If you see her talking to other co-workers in a hush matter, but stops when you walk up, there’s a good chance she’s talking about you and doesn’t want you to hear.

  5. Body language can be a good indication a female doesn’t like you. Does she go out of her way to give you the cold shoulder? You see her back more than you see her front. When she sees you walking in her direction–whether you are coming to speak with her or not–she turns her back on you. In no uncertain terms she is letting you know she doesn’t care much for you, so don’t even speak to her.

  6. Co-worker gives you wrong information about work. If there are occasions when you had to work directly with this particular co-worker and she misinforms you about an assignment and acts like it was by accident, there’s a chance it was intentional. Perhaps she has the attitude like it’s not her responsibility to make sure you get your work done.

  7. Start rumors about you. She tries to spread lies about you just to make things at work more uncomfortable for you. She maybe try to involve other co-workers, getting them to jump aboard the dislike train.

  8. Never talks to other co-workers when you are around. When you are in a group with other co-workers talking, she never joins in. Instead, she may wait for you to step away before joining the conversation.

  9. Co-worker tries to avoid parking next to you at work. She seems to dislike you so much that she gives up a convenient parking space next to you to park elsewhere.

  10. Is this female co-worker rude? She is heading for the door or elevator and rather than holding the door open for you, she let's it slam in your face. You may wonder why she seems too loathe you so much.

It’s possible this female co-worker doesn’t like you for reasons unknown to you. It’s also possible there was a misunderstanding between the two of you that caused her to act in such an unprofessional matter. If this is a concern for you, just confront her in a non-confrontational matter and see if the situation can be turned around. At least you and your co-worker can have a pleasant working relationship.

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