10 Signs Of Female Interest

Men love women and women love men, but sometimes guys just don't know how to recognize the 10 signs of female interest.  Men spend their whole lives trying to get the attention of the fairer sex, and they put so much energy and focus into it that, they can't see the light that's right in front of them.  Women and men are very similar and yet, at the same time, are very different.  They both know how to express interest in the other sex, but they're not always good at interpreting what these signals mean. To learn about the 10 signs of female interest, read on.

  1. She will look at you, and not only that, she will maintain eye contact. Don't expect her to bat her eyelashes exactly, but she'll turn her eyes toward you and hold that look probably a little longer than usual.  She'll do it for maybe a few seconds, and then she'll smile or even blush and turn away.
  2. She'll blush when you talk to her.  This is a good thing.  You make her a little nervous, but it's only because she thinks your cute.  Enjoy this moment.
  3. She'll try to get close to you or touch you.  If you find that a girl is always finding a way to be standing or sitting next to you, or she touches you in subtle ways, like your face, hair, arm, etc., something is up and it's a definite sign of female interest.
  4. When you talk to her, she may laugh nervously or smile a lot, even when you're telling your corniest joke. Just roll with it.
  5. She'll play with her hair. A lot.  It may be so much that you wonder what's going on.  Don't worry about it, she probably doesn't realize she's doing it.  It's just one of those things that women do when they like a guy.
  6. Look at her body language.  If she likes you, she'll probably be turned toward you so that her breasts face in your direction or her legs are crossed toward you.
  7. She'll initiate conversation with you.  She WANTS to talk to you.  If she didn't like you, she wouldn't bother.
  8. When she talks to you, she'll ask a lot of questions about your life.  Again, she's interested in you for a reason.  Some of her questions may even seem intrusive.  She may ask about past girlfriends, but she's not trying to be a stalker. She's trying to read you.
  9. She'll flirt. She'll flirt a lot actually.  Don't get me wrong; us girls love to flirt. Sometimes we do it for fun, but if she's excessively flirting with only you and no other guys, the jig is up.  You should know she's into you.
  10. This is the most obvious, but, she'll TELL you.  If a girls says she likes you, she probably really does mean that she likes you. This happens all of the time.  A women will tell a man outright that she likes him, and he'll still ask, "Do you think she likes me?"  Well, duh, she told you didn't she?  Yes, a woman telling a man that she likes him is indeed a sign of female interest.

Keep an eye out for these signs and proceed accordingly.

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