10 Signs A Girlfriend Is Bored With You

Want to learn about 10 signs a girlfriend is bored with you? Believe it or not, there are very noticeable signs when a girl is bored with you. There are those guys who are sharp and can pick up on the clues, but there are always those men that need some help. Here are the top ten signs a girlfriend is bored with you.

  1. No public displays of affection. Granted, there are some girls out there that just don’t care for the whole PDA   bit, but most of the time if a girlfriend was into PDA at the beginning of the relationship and she all of the sudden prohibits the act all together, well then consider the signal given loud and clear. 
  2. Gladly accepts calls when out on a date with you. If she is sitting there and having full on conversations with people who call her on while she's on dates with you, or if she is the one making the calls, chances are she would rather be spending time with that person over you. This is a huge sign that your girlfriend is bored with you.
  3. If she uses the word “Again” as a question when you tell her the activity planned for your date. Maybe the issue is in fact you and your utter lack of spontaneity in the relationship. You have to keep her guessing and keep her wanting to come back for more in anticipation of what you are going to do next.
  4. She repeatedly uses the excuse of “I have a headache” to keep from going out with you. More times than not, if a girlfriend is still into you and she is into having a good time, she would pop a couple aspirin (if she did really in fact have a headache) and go out with you. In turn, this makes for a pretty lousy excuse, and very well could be a sign that your girlfriend is in fact bored with you.
  5. She tells you that you should hang out with the guys more. Nine times out of ten, this means, “I am bored with you, I feel smothered, and you need to be somewhere else other than in the same room as me.” That hurts, but it’s the truth. Depending on the relationship and what stage you are in with your girl, you need to pick up on this sign, because she may be trying to tell you that she is bored with you.
  6. She tells you she wants to have a threesome with you and another guy. There are people who may be into that out there, but the average, red-blooded, testosterone-driven, American male would not go for having another man’s penis anywhere near his girlfriend. This in fact is a sign that your girlfriend may be getting bored with you and she is not getting what she needs from you in the bedroom. There also may be the simple fact that your girl is a freak.
  7. She starts tuning you out when you speak. If it seems like your girlfriend is constantly having to be woken up from her daydreams when you are speaking, that is a huge sign that she is bored with you. 
  8. She doesn’t get mad or even mention the fact that you forgot your anniversary. This is a great sign that your girlfriend is bored with you. Women don’t forget things like this. If you were to forget such a date with a woman who actually cares about you, I assure you she would be the first to let you know.
  9. She gets excited when you tell her that you have to go out of town on business. “When the cat is away, the mice come out to play.” This is a good sign that your girlfriend is truly bored with you. 
  10. She posts her status on facebook as “Single.”  You might as well consider this ship as good as sailed. There is no chance for this one; she has put in her two week notice in the dating world. Time for you to get out while you can.
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