10 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Look out for these 10 signs of a healthy relationship to make sure your love life is on track. It's very easy to get so wrapped up with your new love or partner that you accidently sabotage your relationship. Maintain a healthy relationship with your partner or start a new, healthy relationship by giving her plenty of space, respect and trust.

  1. Respect your partner. One sign of a healthy relationship is mutual respect between partners. Respecting your partner means allowing her to have her own opinions and activities, no matter what you may think of them. Another part of respecting your partner is accepting for who they are. If you constantly want your partner to change or improve to match what you want them to be, your relationship will suffer.
  2. You trust each other. A relationship without trust is no relationship at all. Your partner will have interactions with and may even be friends with members of the opposite sex. You have to trust that she won't cheat on you with every guy she sees. Your relationship will suffer if you let jealousy take over.
  3. You can be honest.  Without honesty, there can be no trust in a healthy relationship. Don't lie to your partner, no matter how small or harmless it seems. Honesty also includes being up front about any STD's or other contagious infections you may have.
  4. Spend time apart. A couple in a healthy relationship will feel completely comfort taking time to themselves every so often. This means letting her have a girls' night or her letting you hang up with your guy friends every so often. You also don't have to get into an activity just because she is.
  5. You feel safe saying "no." Understanding your partner's boundaries and having a partner who understands your boundaries is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. If your partner is not into a certain activity or if you do not feel comfortable trying something new, each of you has to accept that from the other.
  6. You can express your thoughts without fear of judgment. Good communication is essential to any healthy relationship. If you feel upset or angry about something, tell your partner. Keeping things in can lead to resentment or a huge argument further down the line.
  7. Accept the give and take of the relationship. A healthy relationship is not all about you. You should be willing to do want your partner wants every so often and your partner should be willing to do what you want every now and then.
  8. Be there for the other person. Life gets rough some times, which may be why people seek out relationships with others. Being available for your partner in her time of need, whether it's when a family member passes on or she doesn't get the job she wanted, is a part of a healthy relationship.
  9. Don't negatively influence the other person. Some relationships lead to the downfall of both partners, either because both wind up using alcohol or drugs or engaging in a life of crime. If you sense that your partner has some serious issues, ones that you cannot help fix, get her help, but don't follow her lead.
  10. Feel confident and secure in yourself. Good self esteem is a part of any healthy relationship. When you are confident in yourself, you'll be less likely to fall into an abusive pattern or end up in a relationship where the other person tries to control what you do and who you see.
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