10 Signs Of Letting Her Go

Learn the ten signs of letting her go, when she no longer wants to stay. This is one of the most devastating things you will ever have to experience; letting her go after she has made up her mind she doesn’t want to continue down this road. This could possibly be the end of the relationship or it might be the break the two of you need from each other. This time apart may repair the rift between the two of you, strengthening the relationship making it stronger than ever. These signs will let you know if it’s time to let go or continue trying to fight a losing battle.

  1. There is loss of communication. Whether there was always a communication problem, but perhaps things have gotten worse this is not a good sign. If the two of you can’t or just don’t communicate well, you may have to except the fact it’s time to let her go.
  2. She disrespects you. She stays out late and doesn’t show you the common courtesy of a phone call to let you know she will be home late or maybe she doesn’t come home at all. You're being treated like a roommate and not a partner; that’s her way of telling you to let her go.
  3. You are treated coldly. Never has a pleasant word to say to you. Even when the two of you are not arguing; which maybe often she still seems angry and bitter towards you.
  4. Sex is non existent. Can you remember the last time you had sex with her? If so was it initiated by you and did she seem to enjoy it or just going through the motions’? She doesn’t try to be intimate with you.
  5. Sleep in separate rooms. At one time you and she did shared a bed, but now you each sleep in separate rooms and she never tries to visit you. You may not be ready to let go, but you might not have a choice.
  6. There is loss of affection.  She doesn’t show you any type of affection or concern for that matter. In general women are very loving and caring and if she doesn’t show any concern for your well being; perhaps it best you send her on her way.
  7. Don’t share meals together. You’ve shared so much with her, but now you feel like you can’t even share a meal with you her. You have your meals alone and lonely and she seem to be okay with it.
  8. Find comfort elsewhere. Maybe she’s not having an affair, but you may have over heard a phone call that she seem to light up over, saw a few text messages that would suggest a emotional fair; it might be time to give her, her walking papers.
  9. Want to work on saving the relationship. You are willing to seek some type of counseling to try and fix your relationship, but she thinks it’s pointless.
  10. Stop wearing her wedding ring. If the two of you are married and she has stop wearing her wedding ring that is a true sign; it maybe about that time to throw in the towel and let her go.

You have a tough decision to make, but if she really wants to leave you can’t make her stay. Optimally it’s her decision if she wants to go or stay. You never know the time a part maybe just what the two of you need. She may start to miss you and want to come back to you.

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