10 Signs That A Man Loves A Woman

If you have a buddy who has it BAD but won't admit that he's in love, you can tell for yourself if you know the 10 signs that a man loves a woman. Below are some such signs of budding romance.

  1. You know that a man loves a woman when he protests too much. If he shakes off all of your questions about the relationship, shakes his hand and protests loudly that he's in love, well, that's a man who loves a woman.
  2. A man who loves a woman will want to spend more time with her and may not be around his friends as much. If the weekly poker games or drinking fests with his friends are going by the wayside, he could be in love relationship.
  3. You'll know a man loves a woman if he talks about her a lot. And, if all  he says are really nice, complimentary things, he's in a brand new relationship as that stuff falls off pretty fast.
  4. If he starts wearing nicer clothes, he's having a woman dress him. Now, this one is not a given as men can certainly look nice themselves but, if his style is becoming more manscaped, he's got a woman he loves or, at the very least, is looking to impress in the romance department.
  5. A man who loves a woman may start buying her small token presents. Picking up a flower that she likes or even a single cookie to share is a sure sign that he's got a romance going. And, men, listen up – sparkly items are ALWAYS good…
  6. He shops for fancy lingerie. This sign that a man loves a woman is as much for him as it is for her. Since men are more visual, sexy lingerie is a real turn on to dudes.
  7. He makes reservations for dinner. Rather than just grabbing some fast food, a man who wants a little romance and love in his life will explore and get reservations at nicer restaurants.
  8. You'll know a man loves a woman when he cleans his car. Women tend to prefer a clean car, free of cigarette butts, old beer cans, or clothing.
  9. He throws out his Playboy magazines. This may not only be a sign that a man loves a woman but also a sign that the woman runs the roost in the relationship.
  10. And, the last sign that a man loves a woman is that he tells you he does. Once he's sure, he'll open up and hope that you offer your friendship to his new love interest.
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