10 Signs She Likes Me More Than A Friend

Need to know the "10 signs she likes me more than a friend"? After a night of hanging out with one of your female friends, you get this nagging feeling something's different. As you're brushing your teeth, it hits you. You look into the mirror and you ask yourself, "does she like me more than a friend?" This happens a lot, so to help you out, here are 10 signs that she likes you more than a friend. Keep them in mind the next time your best gal pal pulls out the 4-inch stilettos to meet you for pool and beers at the local pub.

  1. She dresses up for you. If you come over to watch a movie and she's obviously took some time on her appearance, she like you more than a friend, or is at least considering the possibility.
  2. She's doesn't like the women you date. It's natural for some women to not get along, and it's natural for your female friends to think you could do better. But if she never likes the woman you are dating, she's most likely jealous and this is one of the 10 signs she likes you more than a friend.
  3. She flirts with you. Flirting takes practice, energy and effort; therefore, women don't waste it on their friends. If she's flirting with you, she likes you more than a friend.
  4. She tries to make you jealous. A bit on the childish side, perhaps, but one of the 10 signs she wants to be more than a friend, nonetheless. When she tells you how attentive her new guy is or how he always compliments her on how she looks, she's trying to get you jealous because she wants those things from you.
  5. She becomes hyper-sensitive. If suddenly things you both used to joke about, such as her lack of boobs, becomes a sensitive subject for her, she might be worried that this physical flaw makes her less attractive to you. This would only matter if she liked you more than as a friend. 
  6. She stops talking about other men. You can assume "she likes me more than a friend" if she stops talking incessantly about the men she meets and dates. If you haven't rolled your eyes while she prattled on about the bad table manners of her last date, there's a good chance she's keeping herself available for you.
  7. You get knowing looks from her friends. If her friends start looking at and treating you differently, or they start asking you questions about your personal life, if you were to summon the nerve to ask one of them, "hey, she likes me more than a friend, doesn't she?", they would tell you no. But they would be lying.
  8. She starts to watch what she eats. There is no longer a fight to the death over the last spring roll, and she no longer cares that you steal half the cheese off her pizza slice. Matter of fact, she only eats salad and drinks bottled water when you're around. She repackaging herself for you because she's likes you for more than a friend.
  9. She gets touchy-feely. A tell-tale sign she likes you more than a friend, especially if combined with other signs. She touches your arm and smiles at you. She strokes your shoulder and says something flirty. She is now treating you less as a friend and more as a potential mate.
  10. She treats you differently. It used to be when she looked at you, it was with a playful, amused look. Now her looks are a bit more cautious or inquiring, as if she's sizing you up. She is. Also, if she used to take an hour to return your text message, but now suddenly she replies immediately, she's moving you up her priority ladder. Ultimately, she's deciding if her new feelings of attraction for you should be explored. Stay tuned and look for the other signs.
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