10 Signs She Likes You

Looking for 10 signs that she likes you? Ever wondered if those texts are actually genuine or if the girl on the other end is just pulling your chain? Well, sometimes women can be difficult to understand. Therefore, if you can recognize the signs, then you will know whether to stay or move along. Here are 10 signs she likes you:

  1. She consistently flirts with you. Whether you are at home or in the mall together, take notice if she is always smiling, laughing at your jokes and batting those fabulous eyelashes. If you see this happening then that’s a classic sign that she likes you.
  2. Small conversation = big time crush. Do not mistake regular chitchat for friendship. When a girl goes out of her way to tell you simple things about her, then it’s probably because she wants you to get to know her better, mainly because she likes you.
  3. She can’t keep her hands off of you. If you notice that your friend's hands roam in areas that they shouldn’t be roaming in, then that’s a good sign that she likes you.
  4. OMG more texts. If your girl wakes you up with a text and you fall asleep texting her, then you do not need to wonder if she likes you. At that point, you are on her mind enough that she is willing to ruin her nails by texting you all day.
  5. She can recall your favorite things. When someone likes you, they can recall your favorite color or your favorite food. They can remember important things about you at the drop of a hat!
  6. Her smile won’t go away. If you notice that she is smiling just because you walked in the door, or she cannot take her eyes off of you, then do not be afraid, she is really that into you.
  7. "What do you think about this?" When your friend starts to ask your opinion about things like clothing, jewelry and lipstick, do not think it’s because you are just that good with fashion. It’s a classic way to draw you in closer.
  8. When the friends are around, the giggles come out. If you wonder why her friends can’t hold their stuff together every time you walk in the door, it’s probably because she has confessed her love for you to her friends.
  9. "Can I come?" If she always wants to know where you are, just so she can meet you, it is not because she loves bowling or the sports center, it’s because she likes you enough to stomach it.
  10. Can you withstand the punches? If you start to notice that your friend is starting to get more than a little hands-on, and she starts to let out the punches, do not believe that it is because she really wants to fight you, because it’s not. She may want to wrestle, but in a good way.

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