10 Signs She Is Not Interested

When you are first starting to date a girl, there are ten signs she is not interested you should look for. This will save you valuable time in choosing who to have a relationship with, and who to let go quickly.

  1. She just doesn’t have that much to say to you. If the conversation is already boring and she isn’t giving much input, the start of the two of you together is already dead. Don’t waste much time trying to get her to talk. If she was interested, she would more than likely be chatting away.  
  2. She avoids eye contact and is stand-offish. Take the hint. If she can’t even look you in the eye, which is very intimate and a way of connecting, then she is not into you. Being stand-offish can mean a few things, but if she integrates it with no eye contact, don’t bother with her.
  3. She is eager to get home. If her mind is on your date and she is enjoying herself, she would not be counting the minutes until you drop her off. If she makes comments about going home or having things to do, she isn’t interested in your time together.
  4. She makes and accepts phone calls. Again, her mind should be on you and your date. If she is accepting calls or making them, she is not mentally in the moment; a dead giveaway that her attention isn’t with you.
  5. She makes an excuse to leave. There really isn’t too much to say here. If she is asking you to take her home, unless there is a legitimate emergency, she really isn’t interested in a thing you have to say or a thing you are doing.
  6. She doesn’t return calls or texts. If you are trying to contact her after your date and you get no response, you need to swallow your pride and realize she does not want to see you again. She is not interested, so you need to go on to the next one.
  7. She says you would make a great friend. Whoa! Well, you are evidently not boyfriend material for her and she isn’t interested, so pack up your goods and move on.
  8. She says she is not looking for a serious relationship. Unless you are happy with someone who isn’t going to make a commitment, this is a red flag to get the heck out of dodge. This is an open door to see other people and an excuse not to be labeled a “girlfriend.”
  9. You can feel tension or an uncomfortable feeling while being with her. If the two of you do not have chemistry, there is nothing you can do. You can’t force a connection to be made.
  10. She is very confrontational. If she isn’t agreeing with anything you say and she already has her boxing gloves, there is no interest in you whatsoever. Don’t argue or feed into her obnoxiousness.
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