10 Signs She Wants To Marry You

The 10 signs she wants to marry you are as clear as day to most girls, but guys made need some help realizing what they are. You’ve been with your girlfriends for quite some time and she's showing some signs that she is ready for the next big step. Whether you are sure or not, she probably knows she's ready to be your wife if she is exhibiting any of these signs.

  1. She talks about the future. One of the obvious signs she wants to marry you is when she brings up marriage and how many children she wants. In addition, she may talk about future activities such as "family day" with you and the kids and imagine the amount fun everyone will have together.
  2. She's watching too many wedding shows. Your girlfriend watches shows with wedding themes  and she even forces you to sit and watch them with her, cuddling close to you and going 'aww' or "it's so sweet what he wrote his own wedding vows" while staring at you. You may (or may not) roll your eyes, but hers are filled with sparkles and the excitement of planning her own wedding day. This is a clear sign she wants to get married.
  3. She has purchased a wedding book. To your surprise, she brings home a big book filled with wedding dresses, wedding planning ideas, and overall wedding stuff and wants to share it with you for "future reference".
  4. She's planning for the future.  Your girlfriend might show signs of wanting to marry you, if you notice a sudden change in her ambition; she might be pulling more hours at work or taking up a second job to save money. If she tells you she's saving for "our future together", this sign she wants to marry you.
  5. Everyone around her is getting married. Your girlfriend hears wedding bells ring; friends, siblings or the neighbor recently became engaged so it is difficult for her not to be affected by the wedding bug. While everyone around her is getting hitched, she will likely want to as well.
  6. She says you are the right one. She says you are the right guy for her and has never had the experience or feeling she has with you with any other man. If she talks about you as being the one, she is likely waiting for you to pop the question.
  7. She compliments you. During one of your mushy discussions, your girlfriend happily says you are husband material and compliments you on your work ethic, personality, how sweet or romantic you are, etc.. She imagines growing old with you, accepting your future grays hairs, protruding belly and all. This is an indication she wants to get married.
  8. She asks the question: "When will we get married?"  Although this is a no brainer, your girlfriend may skip all the hints and ask boldly, when you will marry her. This boils down how you feel and if you are ready financially and emotionally so tread carefully with this question and answer with honesty.
  9. Marriage pops up in conversations. She starts off a sentence with, "When we get married…" when something related to marriage comes up in one of your conversations with her. Your girlfriend sends you these reminders that she wants to marry you sooner or later.
  10. She gushes over love songs on the radio. So you and your girlfriend are out on a drive and a romantic song is playing on the radio. She might mention it will be you wedding song or mention that she imagines walking down the aisle or dancing with you to that song at the reception. Clear fantasies such as these are a sign that she wants to marry you.
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