10 Signs She Wants You Back

When your ex-girlfriends seems interested what are the 10 signs that she wants you back? Some are obvious and others subtle. But if you pay attention you’ll know what’s on her mind.

  1. She keeps in touch. For a girl who should be moving on, she sure does text or call you a lot. If she seems to be keeping in touch, staying on the phone, or prolonging a chance meeting then she hasn’t moved on. This may be the most obvious of the signs she wants you back.
  2. She wants to talk about the breakup. She might even apologize for something she said or tell you about her regrets. Unless she is in a twelve step program it could be one of the signs she wants you back.
  3. She hasn’t moved on. She’s not dating and turns down her friends offers to fix her up with a new guy. This doesn’t necessarily mean she wants you back but it could be a clue if it is coupled with the other sign.
  4. She makes excuses to see you. She shows up at old hangouts, parties or friends houses when you are there. It’s all accidental of course but if it happens over and over again it could mean she wants you back.
  5. She improves something you’ve complained about. If you notice that she finally got fixed something that bugged you she may be trying to show you the “new improved” version.
  6. She is jealous. If she is no longer interested she will be indifferent to what’s going on with you now. If another girl is mentioned and you see she is uncomfortable or angry then she still considers you her man and she wants you back.
  7. She hasn’t picked up all her stuff. She may be keeping a connection with you by intentionally not tying up loose ends. If she has excuses about getting her things out of your place then she wants a reason to see you again.
  8. She reminisces about the past. If she brings up that vacation to Cancun or how cute you looked in that ski sweater it may be that she wants you back. If she reminds you of the good times and hopes you’ll remember them as fondly as she does that’s a clue.
  9. She asks friends about you. One sign that she wants you back even if you don’t see or talk to her often she may be mining for information from your mutual friends. If she calls your mom just to see how she is, without a doubt she wants you back.
  10. She’s not adjusting well. If you hear from her friends or relatives that she is still moping, or wallowing in misery than she hasn’t decided to get on with her life without you.

If you see all the signs she wants you back these and you want her back this is all good news. If you don’t, then try not to encourage her by keeping in contact, talking about her to mutual friends or keeping her things at your place.

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