10 Signs That A Shy Girl Likes You

Here are 10 signs that a shy girl likes you. While a more aggressive girl may just come right out and say she likes you, shy girls are more subtle. Unless you notice her signs, she may stay in the background, quietly dreaming of you. Look for any of these 10 signs that a shy girl likes you and you may notice her as much as she notices you.

  1. She steals glimpses of you. A shy girl may often steal glimpses of you but look away to avoid making eye contact. She does not want to be caught looking, yet she just can't seem to help herself.
  2. If you noticed a girl is nervous when you are near, then she may be too shy to tell you she likes you. A nervous girl will stutter and she tends to giggle nervously hoping she is not making a fool of herself. She may be more clumsy than normal as she is more focused on you than what she is doing. Nervousness is a great sign that a shy girl likes you.
  3. If you ever see a girl glance at you then rush off in another direction, you can bet this shy girl likes you.
  4. A sign a shy girl likes you is if she starts playing with her hair. Unconsciously, she is hoping you will notice her and may not even realize that she is using an age old custom to attract you.
  5. Another sign a shy girl likes you is if she tries to impress you. You may overhear her bragging to her girlfriends about her "A" on a history exam but then notice she looks over her shoulder to be sure you heard the news as well.
  6. If she laughs at all your jokes, even the corny ones, you can bet she is too shy to let you know she likes you.
  7. Does she go from laughing with her friends to an almost frozen state when you stroll by? If her behavior changes around you, you can bet the shy girl likes you.
  8. Her friends can give you great clues as well. If they giggle and look at her when you are around, you know she has told them something she is too shy to tell you.
  9. You see her more often than others. If she likes you, she will be nearby.
  10. She hints that she likes you. She may be confidant enough to talk to you about a past relationship or may ask you for your advice. These are subtle hints that she is interested in more than just brotherly advice or a friendly chat.

If you find yourself receiving attention from a shy girl, don't hesitate to ask her out. Her shyness will evaporate with confidence when learning you like her, too.

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