10 Signs A Woman Is Attracted You

So, you want to know what the ten signs a woman is attracted to you are? Really, women aren't the strange and mysterious creatures they want you to believe. Women are painfully predictable, and if one is really into you, she'll reveal herself sooner or later. A woman will show you most of these signs at one time or another that she is, indeed, attracted to you.

  1. She struts her stuff. She walks by you seductively, swaying her hips in a way that nearly hypnotizes you to follow. She will almost always sneak a peak at you while doing so. 
  2. Look into her eyes. If her eyes light up when she sees you, she's into you. She might try to hide it by lowering her gaze and looking away. Another sure-fire way to tell she's into you, get her into a well-lighted room. If her pupils are dilated while talking to you, it's a physical sign she's sexually attracted to you.
  3. Don't knock the knees. If you're sitting next to her, check out her feet and knees. If they're pointing straight at you, she's attracted to you.
  4. Her lips say go. She smiles a lot and licks her lips unconsciously (this is different than purposeful seduction). This usually happens at the same time her eyes light up when she sees you.
  5. Touchy-feely. You're talking animatedly. She touches you briefly. And again. She may not even be aware that she's touching you, but you have all the info you need to ask her out.
  6. The future is now. One of the top ten signs a woman is attracted to you is she makes a reference to the future when you're chatting. Don't start running, this doesn't mean she's talking marriage, dude. She might just say, "You race dirt bikes? Wow, I'd love to see that sometime."
  7. She asks questions. She wants to know all about you: your hobbies, your beliefs, your interests. An attracted woman is a curious woman.
  8. She leans into you. A woman who wants you will unconsciously lean towards you while talking. This usually goes with the knees and feet pointing in your direction, too.
  9. She compliments you.  A woman who is attracted to you may compliment you, especially on your looks, or brain. If she calls you a geek and then says, "I have a thing for geeks," you're in.
  10. She blushes. A woman who is attracted to you might blush if you wink at her across the room. This is especially true for women who are more shy and socially awkward.

Remember, not all of these signs may indicate a woman is attracted to you, but most of the time, it does. Shy women run in the opposite direction of the men they like out of fear of rejection. If you're interested in a woman who is shy, your job is to bring her out of her shell with your charm. Smile a lot, compliment her. Ask her what her hobbies are. Get her to open up. Play a game of verbal tennis with her. If she hits the proverbial ball back to you, there's a good chance she's attracted to you.

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