10 Signs A Woman Is Unhappy In Her Marriage

You're married to a beautiful woman but think something might be wrong, here are 10 signs a woman is unhappy in her marriage. Marriage isn't a joy ride one-hundred percent of the time. Couples bicker every now and then; that's perfectly normal. The trick is to figure out when the bickering is symptomatic of an unhappy wife.

  1. She doesn't talk. Women love to talk, so when your wife suddenly clams up around you, something is very wrong. If she only answers your questions with a curt and short reply, she's not communicating with you.
  2. She gets mad at you easily. Your wife may not talk to you much if she's unhappy, but when she does talk, she yells, snaps, or berates you. If your wife only talks to you to ridicule or nit-pick, you have a major problem.
  3. She's always tired. If your wife is unhappy, it might manifest in an inability to sleep normally. A UCLA study discovered that women in unhappy marriages had higher cortisol levels, leading to a number of symptoms: chronic fatigue being one of them.
  4. She turns down any intimacy. When your wife repeatedly turns you down for sex, that's a really big hint that she's not happy. Women unhappy in marriage generally don't like to be touched at all. If she won't hold your hand or ducks out of a hug, it's her little way of saying, "I'm miserable with you."
  5. She becomes secretive. Another sure-fire sign that a wife is unhappy is she suddenly becomes secretive. You casually approach her while she's animatedly typing on the computer to kiss her. She slams the laptop shut so you won't see. She is being secretive and that means, she's not a happy camper.
  6. She doesn't trust you. Every little thing you do is scrutinized by her—she checks your phone, spies on your email and grills you every time you go out or come back home. She doesn't trust you to pay the bills on time or take a piss without standing in the doorway watching you.
  7. Little interest in your hobbies. Your wife couldn't care less about your bowling night. She doesn't care about the fact that your score won it for the team.
  8. She takes up new hobbies that don't include you. She may not care about your hobbies, but she'll start a new one just to get out of the house and away from you. Spending less and less time with you means she is looking for a way out.
  9. She becomes increasingly selfish. This falls in line with the new hobby and her disinterest in yours. A wife unhappy in her marriage becomes selfish; with her time, with her money and with her emotions. She won't share with you any more than she absolutely has to.
  10. She changes her appearance. If one day a stranger appears in your kitchen and you don't recognize her, it could be a sign she's not happy and wants to make a bigger change. 

We left off infidelity as a sign your wife is unhappy in the marriage because it seems pretty self-explanatory. A cheating woman most often means two things: it's a last-ditch cry for help that she's not happy, or it's a final step toward leaving you. Either way, if you notice any of these signs on a daily basis, it's time to talk, and maybe get some counseling.

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