10 Signs You Should Not Marry Her

These are 10 signs you should not marry her, not 10 signs you should not date her. But marriage in the US of A can be a sticky situation if you're not careful, so if any of these 10 signs apply to your girlfriend then she should remain a girlfriend and not a wife.

  1. She has kids that you don't want. If she is a single mother and you are NOT a single father then you should NOT marry this woman. Marrying a single mother when you are not a parent as well is a recipe for disaster. A single mother will put her child first not you. 
  2. Your self-esteem is low when you're around her. If you don't feel good about yourself when you are out in public with her then do NOT marry her, hell if this is the case then don't  even continue to see her. 
  3. She's way too critical. Don't marry a woman who criticizes you or is a negative person in general. If her negativity is not directed at you now yet it soon will be!
  4. She has no life goals. Don't marry a woman who has no direction in life. If she doesn't have a good job or is in school for something then don't waste your time or money. She is probably depending on you to support her for the rest of her life, and figuring out how to support yourself is difficult enough without a mooching girlfriend.
  5. She does not respect you or your feelings. Don't marry a woman who doesn't respect you. Sounds simple right? But if a woman constantly belittles you or does things that she knows you don't like, then don't continue seeing her. Her blatant disrespect is one of the biggest signs that you should not marry her. You do not want to be around that kind of negative energy every day for the rest of your life.
  6. She puts conditions on you and your relationship. Don't marry a woman who puts conditions on you. You want a woman who loves you unconditionally, always remember this!
  7. She does not share your interests. Don't marry a woman who has nothing whatsoever in common with you. You shouldn't be dating or marrying a woman who for example is a vegan if you like wings, dogs and burgers. 
  8. You do not feel comfortable bringing her home to Mom. Don't marry a woman that you wouldn't comfortably introduce to your family. If you're embarrassed to introduce her to your friends and family then forget it. She's going to be in your life forever, if she can't please your friends or family now, she never will.
  9. She is not good company. If you can't spend more than a certain amount of time with your current girlfriend then you do NOT want to marry her. If you can't imagine spending every day of the rest of your life with her, don't marry her.
  10. She is unreasonable. Don't marry a woman who is not willing to compromise. Marriage is the greatest compromise of all. You and your woman will have to compromise a great deal to make a marriage successful.
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