10 Signs You Like Someone

Do you need to know what are the 10 signs that you like someone? If so, then you may be confused on what you want and if you really like the person. If you are trying to really figure out if you unconsciously like someone, then go through this archive to find out. You may be surprised at how much attention you give to one person.

  1. If you find yourself thinking about her. Anytime you think about someone without them being around, then you may like them. No matter what you are doing, if she crosses your mind, then you like her for sure.
  2. If every other girl reminds you of her. This is one of the nest signs that you like someone.  Whether you believe it or not, every girl will start to look like her. When this happens, she may have you wrapped around her finger.
  3. You find yourself going out of your way for her. If you are not already a gentleman and you all of a sudden become a sweetheart, then you like her. There is no way around this one. Anything she asks you probably will do for her if you like her.
  4. You like talking to her. Usually, a great conversation with someone is the beginning to new things. If you can hold a conversation with her that can last for more than fifteen minutes, then you may like her. Do not fight it off.
  5. You tell her things that you do not tell other people. Usually, when are talking to someone we like, we usually slip up and tell them things about us that we do not tell people everyday. This may mean that you feel comfortable around her and that you can tell her almost anything.
  6. You smile for no reason when she's around. Smiling is usually uncontrollable when you are around the person you like. Sometimes, you may not even notice you are smiling. You may be so hypnotized by the presence of your crush.
  7. You try to groom when your crush comes around. If you all of a sudden try to fix yourself up when they are around. Then, you definitely like that person. Especially, if you may be pulling out your comb to make sure that your hair is perfect.
  8. You get nervous when they are around. If you can't find yourself acting normal when you are in the presence of someone else, then you definitely have a crush on them. Do not make it obvious, though or they may think you are weird. Try to act as normal as possible.
  9. You have visions of the future. If you daydream about how life would be if you were with the person, then you most definitely like them. Sometimes, we humans tend to daydream and wonder "what if."
  10. You compliment her a lot. If her compliment her a lot, then you probably like her. You want her to feel great about herself and around you. Compliments really shows how you feel and think of others if it is an honest compliment. 
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