10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Cheating women try to hide their infidelity, but if you learn the most common 10 signs your girlfriend is cheating on you, you may be able to discover her lack of commitment before your heart is broken. While some signs may not be as obvious as others, the combination of the subtlest clues may reveal her efforts and attempts to seek pleasure, attention or love from another.

  1. Frequently asking your work schedule. A woman with intentions of cheating will usually ask you your work schedule several times to ensure she has enough time for her adulterous plans. She will seek to know your schedule to find out the time she has to work with as well as where you will be so she can get away with her infidelity.
  2. Increase in her work schedule. A cheating girlfriend may have an increase in her time spent at work. However, this in no way means she is actually at work. Often a cheating girlfriend will lie to say she is working over or working on days she is actually scheduled off, in attempts to cover her plans to cheat.
  3. Outfit changes throughout the day. One less than subtle clue a woman may drop regarding her efforts to cheat involves changing her outfits throughout the day. While she may not change her clothes many times, changing her clothes from morning to evening may indicate that she is quickly laundering any clothes that may smell like another man.
  4. Suspicious behavior. A cheating girlfriend may give obvious clues such as suspicious behavior. Often she may seem distant or upset, as though she is contemplating how she regrets her actions. In addition, a regretful cheater may appear teary eyed and typically denies that anything is wrong when asked if she feels okay.
  5. Lack of interest in you. One sign your girlfriend may give you that she is cheating involves a lack of interest in you and spending time with you. If she is involved with another man, many women will completely avoid spending any time with you and often make up excuses for why the two of you cannot go out or spend any time together. Excuses may involve working, spending time with family or entertaining friends.
  6. Avoiding intimacy. Few women will jump out of bed with the other man and back into bed with you. Girlfriends engaging in adulterous behavior often avoid intimacy and sex for longer periods of time than normal or seem distant or uninterested during any sexual encounters.
  7. Mysterious items. One very obvious clue indicating that your girlfriend is cheating on you is finding mysterious items in your home or your vehicle. These items are generally personal items like articles of clothing that belong to the other man. To hide her true intentions your cheating girlfriend may insist the items belong to family members or even try to pass the items off as gifts for you.
  8. Disheveled appearance. A careless cheating girlfriend often accidentally wears signs of her inappropriate behavior. If her clothing seems wrinkled, un-tucked or out of place, this may indicate she has just returned from a cheating escapade. Other signs include smeared makeup and disheveled hair.
  9. Cell phone problems. When it becomes harder to reach your girlfriend on her cell phone, this may indicate she is cheating on you. Cheaters often turn their cell phones off or ignore calls completely while with the other man. Additionally, you may notice an increase in dropped calls or supposed deaths on the part of her cell phone battery. These may indicate attempts to instantly hide the sound of the other man’s voice.
  10. Focus on appearance. Some cheating girlfriends will begin to show more interest in their own appearances. Girls that used to perform only a few beauty practices will often begin larger beauty routines to enhance their beauty for the other man.
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