10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Losing Interest

When you are in a relationship, you want to know the 10 signs that your girlfriend is losing interest. Some signs are going to be obvious, while others may seem normal. Knowing these signs will save you time and heartache.

  1. Phone calls become less frequent.  So now the telephone calls that came every hour are barely coming ever day. You go days without hearing from her. She barely answers your telephone calls. Used to she actually waited for your calls, now no answer. She has lost interest if she is not receiving or taking calls from you.
  2. Spending less time together. When your girlfriend starts losing interest in you, time spent together will be gone. She will not want to spend time with you. She will ignore you majority of the time. The normal things you use to do together will become extinct.
  3. Less intimacy than usual.  A big sign of losing interest is less intimacy. If your girlfriend used to prefer being intimate a lot, and now nothing, she has lost interest. This may be a sign that you should move on.
  4. She starts making plans without you. On the normal date night, your girlfriend is making plans to do something else, without you. This is a sign she is losing interest. She is not wanting to spend time with you anymore. All of her plans are without you.
  5. She is less reliant on you. At the beginning you made all decisions together. If she needed something, anything, you were there for her. She was there for you. Now you can not even get her to be there when your goldfish dies. She does not need your assistance fixing her car. This shows she is less reliant on you. She is losing interest in you.
  6. More friend outings. If she is losing interest, she will start having more friend outings. She is doing this because her friends are most likely single. She is wanting to be back into the single life. This is a very obvious sign that your girlfriend is losing interest in you.
  7. She does not refer to your future as forever. So she does not say that you are going to be together forever, You can not even get her to say you will be together next week. She never speaks of the future with you. All of the talk about the future, is now gone. This shows you she is losing interest. She is not speaking of the future with you, because she knows there is no future with you.
  8. Lowered tolerance. All of the normal things that you used to do that she hated, she suddenly does not say anything about. You pop your gum, speak to your ex-girlfriend, stay out late and she says nothing. She has lowered her tolerance with you. She is losing interest and not really caring what you do with your time.
  9. No more gifts. When a woman first starts dating a man, she will love getting him gifts. She wants to show him how much she loves him. So, the gifts have become less frequent. Now the gifts have stopped. There is a reason why. She is losing interest. She feels no need to buy you gifts anymore.
  10. Cold shoulder. The biggest way to know if she is losing interest is the cold shoulder. She will give you the cold shoulder on everything. If you have something wrong, feelings hurt, she will give you the cold shoulder. She wants nothing to do with you. She prefers not being there. If she is there, she is not being supportive. This shows you that your girlfriend has lost interest in you.
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