10 Signs Your Girlfriend Wants To Break Up

Here are 10 signs your girlfriend wants to break up. There are few things more frustrating than not knowing if your girlfriend wants to call it quits up or not. Women often leave subtle, or not-so-subtle, hints that they are looking to move on. Be on the lookout for these ten signs if you have doubts about your relationship.

  1. You often find it difficult to get in touch with your girlfriend on her cell phone. If your girl used to answer your calls before the first ring even finished and now you can barely ever reach her, that is a sign that she may want to break up. See if you can get to the bottom of this by just asking her why she never answers her phone.
  2. If your girlfriend always backs out of plans at the last minute, that is a bad sign. For example, if you agreed to meet at a club at a certain time and she not only didn’t show but never called you, that may be a sign she wants to break up. Keep track of how many times she does this, then send her packing if her inconsiderate behavior continues.
  3. When your girl’s closest friends start giving you the cold shoulder, something is up. If you have had at least a cordial relationship in the past with your lady’s friends, when they start to give you the evil eye they know something that you don’t. Try to get some information out of them, but don’t be surprised if they are not any help.
  4. If your girl yells at you a lot more than she used to, find out why. Maybe she is just having problems at work or with family or friends, but that is no reason to take her anger out on you. Try to have a discussion about her outbursts to see if she wants to break up.
  5. When your girlfriend leaves you by yourself to talk with other people, the end may be near. For example, if you are at a party and she spends more time talking to other people, not only is that just rude, it is a telltale sign that she wants to break up. Try doing the same thing to her, and maybe she will pay more attention to you.
  6. Fighting over stupid things is a sign that your girlfriend is having second thoughts. If your girl has always had a hair trigger, maybe you are not about to get cut loose. But if she suddenly starts to argue or whine about little things like what to watch on TV or where to eat, that may be a sign that she wants to break up.
  7. If your girlfriend rarely calls you anymore, find out what you did. Maybe she’s just mad, or maybe she’s talking to someone else instead of you and wants to break up. Ask her why she never calls, and you will get some peace of mind, one way or another.
  8. If your girlfriend starts getting a lot of headaches, you may be the cause. Find out why she never responds to your advances, or just tell her to hit the road. She probably will not mind if she is constantly giving you the brush off.
  9. When your girl is always busy on the night you want to go out, that’s a tell. She is letting you know that making plans with you is not her top priority. Put an end to it one way or another by talking it out to see if she wants to break up
  10. When your girlfriend cries a lot for no reason, ask her what is going on. Girls often cry, and most of them seem to enjoy it due to the reaction it gets. If your girl cries over anything and everything, see if you are the cause. She may be wrestling with the idea of leaving you.


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