10 Signs Your Should Break Up

There are 10 signs you should break up with your romantic partner. No matter what your reasons are for staying after the love is gone, it isn't worth your happiness to continue to do so. Watch out for these ten signs you should break up and leave a problematic and toxic relationship.

  1. One sign that you should break up with your partner is if there is physical abuse involved. There is an old saying: "If they hit you once, they will hit you again." This is very true! Don't allow physical abuse of any kind from anyone. If you are hit, it is time to leave the relationship immediately.
  2. If you are incompatible with your partner. If the two of you have completely different goals and agendas, that is a sign you should break up. You will be happier with someone who shares your dreams.
  3. If your relationship is just physical, based solely on sex, you should probably let each other go. If you dig deeper, you may find that you don't have very much in common with your partner.
  4. If your partner isn't there for you when you need her, that is a sign you should break up. Part of loving someone is sharing the good and bad times in their lives.
  5. When your partner cannot freely tell you she loves you, it doesn't bode well for the relationship. Perhaps she's just not comfortable saying the words. Or perhaps she doesn't say them because she just don't feel them.  
  6. If you are being emotionally abused and your partner demeans you and makes you feel disrespected and unloved, it is time to go. Your relationship should, in fact, enhance who you are.
  7. If your romantic partner has done something horrible and unforgivable, you should break up with her. Staying in the relationship will only diminish your sense of worth.
  8. If you are being cheated on, there is another sure sign you should break up. How can you truly trust someone who has cheated on you? You deserve the peace of mind that comes from being with a faithful partner.
  9. When you find the same problems and issues arising again and again, it may be time to say goodbye to your partner. Give yourself a fresh start with someone new.
  10. The tenth sign you should break up with your partner is you are no longer attracted to her. Good physical chemistry is essential to any romantic relationship and you will feel deprived without it.

If one or more of these ten signs occur in your relationship, give the situation some deep thought and do what your gut instinct impels you to do.

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