10 Signs Your Wife Is Having An Affair

You will never be taken by surprise in a relationship if you learn 10 signs your wife is having an affair. Spouses who participate in extra marital affairs always leave plenty of evidence of their actions, if you know what to look for.

  1. Her regular routine changes. She is suddenly working late once or twice a week or has long business meeting at strange hours to accommodate an affair.
  2. She is unreachable by phone. Those hours of the day or evening that when you can always reach her suddenly disappear. Her phone goes straight to voice mail when she should be available.
  3. She is secretive about phone calls. She steps out to take a call or when she receives a call she ends it quickly. She is texting a lot and attempting to hide it from you.
  4. She is spending a lot of time with a new male friend or co-worker. She has a new male friend or co-worker that she is spending more and more time with. She insists they are just friends but you are never included in their activities.
  5. Privacy issues. She suddenly changes her email password or the passwords to the social networking. She is hiding cell phone bills and credit card bills. If these are things she freely shared with you in the past but now feels you are violating her privacy there is cause for concern.
  6. She wants more time along. She will manufacture time to be alone and away from you using stress or upset as an excuse.
  7. Behavioral changes. She says she is going to the mall to shop but doesn’t answer her cell phone. She is not where she says she is going.
  8. She no longer confides in you. The intimate conversations between you have stopped. She no longer discusses her problems and feelings with you. She would rather soak in a hot bath behind a locked door with her cell phone next to her than spend time talking with you. She will do everything to keep her cell phone and computer out of your hands. She is not interested in your affection.
  9. She is dressing to make herself more attractive and her mood is elevated. An affair can make a woman look and feel overly excited.
  10. Your gut feelings. Pay attention to your feelings about the situation. If you are questioning her behavior daily and don’t understand why she has changed you will begin to have an intuitive that something is just not right. You suspect she is having an affair. Honor that feeling.
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