10 Skateboarding Tricks Tips

Looking for 10 skateboarding tricks and tips? Whether you are a beginner or are experienced at skateboarding, the tricks and tips below may he helpful to you. Be sure to always wear protective gear when performing the tricks listed below.

  1. The Ollie. One of our 10 skateboarding tricks and tips is learning how to ollie stationary, before you begin to ollie while moving. It is important that you get the basics down pat first. Once you are comfortable with the motions required to ollie, you can begin trying the trick while moving.
  2. The Kickflip. Many skateboarding beginners have a problem with their board rotating on them while trying to kickflip. To prevent this from happening, you need to keep your shoulders square with the board at all times. This will keep the board straight and prevent any rotation.
  3. The Heelflip. When performing a heelflip, you need to keep your balance. To keep your balance after you pop, which is one of our 10 skateboarding tricks and tips, you need to stay over the board. You do not want to jump forward.
  4. The Pop Shuvit. If your board is spinning too much when trying to perform a pop shuvit, then you are scooping or shoving too hard. What you want to do is simply give a gentle scoop and shove. This will ensure that your skateboard spins the correct way.
  5. The 360 Flip. When learning how to perform a 360 flip, you need to perfect scooping the board. One of our skateboarding tricks and tips is to scoop your skateboard as hard as you can. Doing this will make sure that your board spins all of the way.
  6. The Varial Flip. When performing a varial flip, the skateboard has a tendency to shoot out away from you. You can compensate for this by jumping with the board, as this will allow you to stay over the board as it spins.
  7. The Forward Flip. When beginners are trying to learn how to forward flip, they often end up performing a varial flip instead. If this is happening to you, it means that you are not popping the board straight down, or you are flicking the board off to the side, instead of straight off of the nose.
  8. The Backside Flip. In order to complete a backside flip, your skateboard needs to spin 180 degrees. If the board is not completing the 180 degree spin, one of our  skateboarding tricks and tips is to land on your front wheels and pivot to complete the full backside flip.
  9. The Backside 180 Ollie. Quite possibly the hardest part of a backside 180 ollie is keeping your balance after you pop. You may feel like jumping forward as you flip the board, but you need to stay over the board throughout the trick.
  10. The Frontside 180 Ollie. If you have a problem with your skateboard hitting you in the leg, then this skateboarding tip is for you. To prevent the board from hitting you in the legs, all you have to do is suck your feet up high enough so that the skateboard has enough room to spin.


Skateboard Trick Tips

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