10 Skiing Tips For Intermediates

Here are 10 skiing tips for the intermediate skier. Are you an intermediate skier looking for tips? Here are some great skiing tips for intermediate skiers. 

  1. Always wear sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen is very important during spring skiing. When your skin has been covered all winter long, the bright spring sun can cause sunburn. Make sure that any uncovered parts of your face are covered with sunscreen  Ultraviolet rays are more powerful at skiing altitudes.
  2. Stay hydrated. During spring skiing temperatures may rise. Drinking water is important, especially if you're skiing at high altitudes. Make sure you stay hydrated. 
  3. Wear sunglasses. The bright spring sun calls for good eye protection, so get those ski goggles on! Athletic sunglasses will also protect your eyes against the sun and make sure you can see where you're going. 
  4. Never ski alone in the woods. Remember, there are a limited number of ski patrollers. For optimum safety, ski with at least two other people: one to stay with a downed skier and one to go for help. Remember, safety in numbers.
  5. Don’t tree ski in late afternoon. Remember, you might have to catch an early closing lift and nobody wants to think you might be in the woods after dark!
  6. Don't drink and ski. Of course, this sounds like common sense. If there is one thing a skier should not do, it's drink and ski. Skiing while intoxicated is incredibly dangerous. Skiing requires coordination of the entire body and the slowed response alcohol can severely limit your ability to ski safely.
  7. If you need to stop, don't stop in the middle of the trail. If you need to stop, stopping suddenly in the middle of a trail can be a hazard when people are trying to ski around you. Instead, slow your pace down and look uphill to find a moment where you can safely pull over to the side of the trail.
  8. Show other skiers respect. Try and be as respectful as possible to other skiers on the trail. Don't cut anyone off. If there are young children skiing, try and give them as much room as possible since they are probably learning how to ski.
  9. Wipe your skis down after skiing. The edges will rust if you do not wipe them down because they are made out of high carbon steel that rusts when not taken care of properly. 
  10. Finally, keep your poles in front of you. Get in the habit of keeping your poles within your vision and moving with your turns. This aids balance and rhythm, and keeps you from falling into the back seat (when your body mass is no longer centered over your boots, but falls back behind your boots and bindings).

Hope these ten skiing tips helped of the intermediate skiers out there! Have fun in the snow.

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