10 Skiing Tricks

Learning how to ski can be difficult even without concerning yourself with learning skiing tricks, but when you do get past that beginner's stage, there are 10 skiing tricks to learn that make the fundamentals of tricking on skis. As always, make sure you aren't trying to do tricks you aren't ready for. Being safe is the most important thing on the slopes. Always remember to wear protective gear.

  1. 360 The 360 is the basis of all spin tricks in skiing. It should be self explanatory–the 360 is a complete turn in midair. To do this, approach the ramp at a good speed. When you reach the lip of the jump, begin to initiate the spin by moving your head and shoulders towards the direction you want to spin; your body will follow. In mid air, spin tight and fast and make sure to locate your landing about halfway through. When you see it, brace for impact and stomp the landing!
  2. Tail Grab Grab tricks are when you reach down and physically hold onto a portion of your skis. The longer you hold a grab, the "better" the trick was performed. It will take timing to know when you have to let go and avoid a wipe out. Begin to make the move for the grab as soon as you hit the lip of the jump. When you are in the air, bend your legs back so you can reach the tail of the skis with your hand. You can "X Up" and cross your skis in midair to give the trick a bit of flare.
  3. 360 Tail Grab A combination of both previous tricks. A 360 trail grab is slight more complicated because you will need to prepare for both tricks as you hit the jump, gain enough speed to finish a rotation and get your skis up to grab. This will take a lot of awareness and concentration.
  4. Iron Cross. The iron cross is just another name for any trick where you cross your skis or "X Up." Simply cross your skis in mid air, making sure you have enough height to avoid catching the fronts in the snow and uncross them before you land.
  5. Railslide Recently, rails have made their way onto the slope for tricks. To do a railslide, approach the rail at a steady speed and turn 90 degrees when you are about to skate onto it. Keep your feet right in the middle and over the rail to hold your balance. Focus on the end of the rail for easier trick completion.
  6. 540 The 540 is, once again, fairly self evident. It is the more difficult version of the 360 trick. Follow the same tips, but get enough speed and height to add in another half rotation. You will have to land this trick facing backwards, so only attempt it when you are comfortable.
  7. Backscratcher The backscratcher is a trick that is, essentially, the tail grab without the grab. You will need even more height and timing, and you will want to get your skis up even further.
  8. The Daffy The Daffy is a trick that involves you kicking one leg out forward and one leg out back with as much extension as you can. This is incredibly difficult and needs a lot of air to accomplish safely.
  9. Back Flip As dangerous moves go, the back flip is the first hurdle you will have to cross. Like the 540, don't attempt this trick until you are ready. To do it, shift your weight back as you hit the lip going at your full speed. Landing this can be tough.
  10. Iron Cross Back Flip. To really impress your friends, when you master the back flip, cross your skies at the apex of the flip to do an iron cross back flip. Good luck on the slopes!
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