10 Skull Tattoo Ideas

These are 10 skull tattoo ideas. Skull tattoos are racy and cool. Choosing the correct tattoo that fits your personality is very important. The skull tattoo you choose will be yours for life. Check out these ideas and see if they are the kind of skull tattoo you are looking for.

  1. The plain skull with a rose – The plain skull with a rose tattoo is cool for two reasons. You are showing people you are tough with a soft side. This tattoo means you are cool, but not satanic.
  2. Skull tattoo with a cobra – The skull tattoo with a cobra is wild and cool. This tattoo shows everybody you are cool and you love to have a good time. This skull tattoo with a cobra looks awesome when completely colored in.
  3. The rose with a skull tattoo – This rose with a skull tattoo is similar to the skull with a rose. The difference is that the rose has nearly completely swallowed the skull. This skull tattoo is different and shows people you like style. You like to be yourself and different than the next person.
  4. The Wild West skull tattoo – The Wild West skull tattoo is a gunslinger that is in skull and skeleton form. He died while at a gunfight, but he has come back for revenge. This skull tattoo tells people not to screw around with you. You seek revenge.
  5. Satan skull tattoo – This Satan skull tattoo is just plain cool. Colored, this tattoo will look incredible. It shows people you are a hell raiser. You like to party till the day you die.
  6. The Unforgiven skull tattoo – The Unforgiven skull tattoo means just that. You did somebody wrong and you cannot make amends. You have gotten to the point where you don’t care anymore. You like to show your feelings through art.
  7. The woman skull tattoo with wings – The woman skull tattoo with wings is a one of a kind tattoo. It is cool and different. You are also cool and different. You do not want to be like everybody else.
  8. The fiery skull tattoo – The fiery skull tattoo looks fantastic. If you are going to have a skull tattoo, why not have fire come out of the skull. It makes the skull tattoo look incredible and will really get you attention from tattoo admirers.
  9. The guitar skull tattoo – The guitar skull tattoo is a perfect tattoo for musicians. The tattoo shows everybody you are a musician or are really into music. The guitar skull tattoo is unique and cool.
  10. The Indian Skull tattoo – The Indian skull tattoo is pretty cool. It is a skull tattoo with an Indian headdress on the top of the skull. You don’t have to be an Indian
  11. to get this tattoo, but it is important to fit into your personality. This tattoo will bring out the wild side in you.

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