10 Slalom Water Skiing Tips

The 10 slalom water skiing tips you receive will differ from instructor to instructor. Slalom skiing means skiing on one ski. The ski used is not a regular ski but a slalom ski. A slalom ski is a water ski with two bindings. They are in a row and you determine which foot goes in front depending if you are right-handed or left handed.

Some of the top 10 slalom water skiing tips are:

  1. Put on your skis starting with the front foot first. You should wait to put your foot in the back binding until you are in the water. When you put your foot in to the back binding, there is nothing to adjust. Just push your foot in until it feels secure.

  2. You will want to float while the boat driver pulls the rope tight. Depending on which foot is in front, you should put the ski rope on the opposite side of the ski. For example, right foot in front rope goes on the left side; left foot in front rope goes on the right side.

  3. Assume the ball-like position that is used in regular skiing. Since you have only one ski and one foot in front of the other the position will not be quite as tight as with regular skiing. Your ski should face the boat and your front knee should be bent as far as you can get it without hunching over.

  4. Once you are in position and have the tip above the water, you are ready to try to stand up. Indicate to the boat driver that you are ready to go by yelling “Ready”. At this time the driver should gradually put the boat in gear.

  5. Keep your knees bent when starting off. Make sure that the ski tips are above the water line. As the speed of the boat increases you can begin to lean forward.

  6. Lean back and don’t stand up too early. One reason many people fall when first getting up is not leaning back far enough. Another reason is trying to stand up too soon. Let the boat pull you.

  7. Always keep the rope taut. A slack rope will cause you to fall. If the boat has slowed down, drop into the water and pull the rope close to your body.

  8. Stay in the boat’s wake. Since the water outside the wake is smoother, it can make you accustom to an uncomfortable speed and can cause an accident. The wake of the boat will help break up any existing waves and may the texture of the wake more consistent.

  9. Always be aware of your surroundings. It is essential that each boat maintain a distance of 200 feet from each other. This will prevent any accidents caused by other boaters.

  10. Don’t drink and ski or drive a boat. There is a law in all states against drinking and driving a boat. Suffering an injury or the lost of a life is not worth it. Wait to drink after you are off the water.

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