10 Slot Machine Gambling Tips

If you want to take your chances winning from a slot machine game, these 10 slot machine gambling tips will help you improve your luck and teach you how to become a prudent slot gambler. Although the slot machine is a game of chance, you still need to know some strategies that will allow you to become a better slot player.

  1. Learn the rules of the game. You will be able to understand the odds of winning and losing if you know the basic mechanics of playing the slot machines.
  2. Know how to calculate mathematical probability. This will give you an idea on your expected return, which is determined by calculating the probability of winning and multiply that number from the amount won as compared to the betting amount wagered.
  3. Play on a slot machine with fewer reels. Your chance of winning is better with fewer reels. The odds against winning is high with slot machines of more than six reels, but the payout is usually higher.
  4. Use your slot club card. Most casinos give players a slot card when playing their slot machine. It tracks down the statistics of their players' games with corresponding points that are redeemable with freebie items.
  5. Ask for comps. These are complimentary that casinos usually provide for their players. Even if you do not win from gambling in a slot machine, you could settle with the complimentary items given by casinos to their slot players that may be in the form of novelty items (T-shirts, key chains, free dinner and gift certificates).
  6. Read the payout of the slot machine. Slot machines with higher payout statistics are indicative that many players have won from that particular slot machine. This must imply that the machine in question gives good payouts to its players.
  7. Understand how the RNG works. The random number generator is responsible for coming up with a series of numbers in random. The outcome is usually independent from other factors which make a slot machine game a pure game of luck.
  8. Bet only the amount you can afford to lose. Gambling is a game of chance and a slot player should always keep in mind that there is no guarantee in winning from a slot machine. It is important to use a fund that you don't really mind losing.
  9. Never play slots to recover money you just lost from gambling. Most people try to keep playing slots for the wrong purpose. Their objective is to recover the money they lost, but the slot machine does not offer any guarantee of winning; Slots may even cause you to lose more money.
  10. Do not gamble when you are drunk. Alcohol can affect a person’s judgment and may induce a gambler to bet more than he can afford. You may even come home empty-handed after wasting all your money from playing slot machines. Being a prudent slot gambler means knowing when to stop playing and when to exercise good judgment.
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