10 Slow Sad Songs 2009

Our list of 10 slow sad songs 2009 feature some of the saddest ballads that graced listeners’ ears during 2009. These songs invoke emotions of sadness, guilt, betrayal, and reminiscence in listeners looking to their inner sadness. So without further ado, let’s begin by taking a look at our list of ten slow sad songs of 2009 in no particular order.

  1. Rammstein-“Roter Sand” This classic song from Rammstein’s recent album is a great slow, sad song of 2009. “Roter Sand” is a slow-paced ballad that uses excellent bass riffs and great keyboards. This German favorite will quickly become one of your favorites.
  2. 9Goats Black Out-“In the Rain” This slow song from the Nagoya-kei favorite, 9Goats Black Out, is an excellent slow song. “In the Rain” features haunting vocals and a slow, sad pace that you’ll love. This song really sets a slow, rhythmic mood that will make you think you’re really in the rain.
  3. Sadie-“Swallow Rain” Speaking of rain, we have to consider this favorite from Sadie’s first full album, "Master of Romance." “Swallow Rain” uses excellent guitar riffs and great vocals that will keep you coming back for more. This song is also excellent live, giving you the musicians’ true emotions.
  4. Versailles-“History of the Other Side” Another slow-ballad from the critically acclaimed Versailles from their first full-album, "Noble." “History of the Other Side” is an epic nine-minute ballad with killer riffs and awesome vocals. This song encompasses a slow, sad pace that you’ll quickly find yourself listening to over and over again.
  5. Girugamesh-“Crying Rain” Following the theme of rain and sadness is this popular single from Girugamesh. “Crying Rain” is a quick four-minute ballad with great vocals, excellent bass, and killer riffs. Not only is this a great slow sad song from 2009 but also features a great video!
  6. -Oz-“Breathe Trees” This great slow sad song was featured on -Oz-‘s first full album. “Breathe Trees” is one of the shortest songs on our list of ten slow sad songs of 2009. “Breathe Trees” starts out fast-paced but slows down near the bridge and the chorus. This song has great vocals and memorable guitar riffs.
  7. Satsuki-“Heart” This sad slow song from the former Rentrer en Soi vocalist is a killer tune. “Heart” is a slow-paced song that features Satsuki’s memorable vocals. This song will bring you to the edge of tears with its slow, sad beat.
  8. The GazettE-“DIM Scene” “DIM Scene” is an excellent ballad off of The GazettE’s most recent album. “DIM Scene” is a slow-placed ballad that features epic guitars, a hint of violins, and killer vocals. Not only is this song great via MP3 version but it also makes a great live song.
  9. Chariots-“Ablaze My Sorrow” This six minute master piece from former Phantasmagoria front man is another great slow, sad song from 2009. “Ablaze My Sorrow” features tantalizing vocals, excellent guitar riffs, and great bass. Along with other songs on this list, “Ablaze My Sorrow” is another great track to listen to live.
  10. Deluhi-“Hoshi no nai Yoruni” We end our list with this classic from Deluhi’s first full album. “Hoshi no nai Yoruni” is a slow-paced song that invokes sadness and sorrow in its listeners. This song, like many others on our list, will quickly become some of your favorites!
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