10 Snowboard Flat Tricks

There are ten snowboard flat tricks that will make you look like a pro. They are tricks performed on a snowboard while riding on a completely flat surface. There are no bumps or ramps to sail over, no pipe structures to ride up, and no obstacles to jump over or avoid.

  1. Fakie: This is when you ride backwards on the snowboard. This is harder than it looks, as the rider cannot see where he is headed. However, it is actually one of the best snowboard flat tricks, because with no obstacles to worry about, the rider can get used to the sensation.
  2. Bone: This is when you straighten one or both legs while the snowboard is moving. This means that one or both knees are either completely or slightly bent to begin with, then, again while the board is still moving, the rider straightens one or both legs completely.  This is one of the most basic snowboard flat tricks, but it is a good one to master, as many of the more difficult tricks require performing a “bone”.
  3. Wheelie: In a wheelie, the rider is simply riding on the back of the board, just as one rides a bicycle or motorcycle on the back wheels. Again, another of the basic snowboard flat tricks, but one that needs to be learned completely, as it, too, is used in more difficult tricks.
  4. Blunt slide: When the rider has mastered the wheelie, he or she is actually ready to learn a more difficult trick that is still considered a snowboard flat trick. In a blunt side, the rider adjusts his or her weight by bending forward (or backward if one thinks that can be accomplished) until just the back and edge of the snowboard is touching the ground. It looks really cool, and is a lot of fun.
  5. Ollie: In an Ollie, the rider uses the front edge of the snowboard to help spring off the board without having to perform any type of jump maneuver first. The object is to get airborne, at least a little, then landing back on the board, which will still be moving. This is a good snowboard flat trick to learn, because the rider is getting a little height to the body, while still riding on a relatively safe surface should the rider miss catching the board and instead take a tumble.
  6. Nollie: The Nollie is the same as an Ollie, only the rider uses the back edge of the board to effect the spring. From there, the goal is the same, get airborne, and then land on the board while it is still moving.
  7. Roast Beef Air: The word “air” is in this trick, but it can still be a snowboard flat trick, as it will provide good practice for when the rider is ready to perform the trick in the air. The trick consists of the rider reaching between the rear leg and grabbing the back of the board, between the bindings. Doing this on a flat surface first will get the rider used to grabbing the board between the legs and riding in that position.
  8. Seatbelt: The rider reaches across the body and grabs the snowboard tail. Oh, was it mentioned that this snowboard flat tricks is performed while the front leg is “boned” (completely straight, no knee bending?) OK, so that’s going to put a little bit of difficulty in it, but, that’s all right, because it proves that the rider is getting the experience needed while still being safe.
  9. Shifty: The top of the rider’s body is facing one way; the bottom is facing another. It may sound easy, but it really isn’t, because no grabbing is allowed when performing this slightly more difficult of the snowboard flat tricks.
  10. Alpine: This isn’t technically a trick, but it is the rider’s reward after a long day of practicing snowboard flat tricks. The alpine is simply riding the board nice and easy. If the rider wishes, the Alpine can be spiced up a bit by alternating easy riding with providing encore performances of some of the tricks that were mastered that day.
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