10 Snowboard Freestyle Tricks

Ten snowboard freestyle tricks are a great way for any budding snowboarder to impress their friends and have a blast doing it. There are many snowboard freestyle tricks to learn whether your a beginner, intermediate, or advanced snowboarder. Adding some impressive tricks to your arsenal will help fine-tune your skills.

The following are some cool tricks to try out:

  1. The Ollie. The Ollie is a simple trick for beginners. An Ollie involves sliding your weight to the back of the snowboard and using the tail of the board to lift yourself into the air. It is the basis for many jump tricks, and an important skill to learn for those wanting to learn more advanced snowboard freestyle tricks.
  2. Butters. Butters is a basic trick that involves quickly spinning 360 degrees on your board. An excellent trick for beginners to learn. The trick is done by applying weight to tail of the board and pivoting with the other foot in a circular fashion.
  3. Air to Fakie. The Air to Fakie is an aerial trick accomplished by shifting 180 degrees in the air and riding backwards. This serves as a precursor to a many advanced spin tricks.
  4. The Melon. The Melon is a grab trick performed by grabbing the board between the bindings at the heel edge while in the air. A great looking grab that is not too difficult to accomplish.
  5. The Method. The Method is a more advanced grab that involves lifting yourself into the air and crouching so that the board is slightly behind you. Then you grab the the board's heel edge to successfully complete the trick.
  6. The Shifty. The Shifty involves the snowboarder twisting his body, shifting his board 90 degrees, and returning to his original position before landing. A great trick for getting comfortable with maneuvering your board.
  7. The 50/50 Grind. The 50/50 Grind is a trick for grinding on rails. It involves lifting yourself off the ground with an Ollie, landing on the rail, and then grinding down it. Mastering this grind will will enable you to learn more complicated grinds later.
  8. The 180 Grind. The 180 Grind is a bit more advanced then the 50/50 Grind. To do this grind, you need to propel yourself off the ground and do a 180 turn before landing on the rail.
  9. The Backside 360. The Backside 360 is one of the more advanced snowboard freestyle tricks designed for half-pipes. To do this trick, you need to gain speed, lift off the half-pipe, and spin 360 degrees in the air before landing. You must have mastered less complicated spins to pull this one off.
  10. Japan Air. Japan Air is an aerial trick for intermediate to advanced snowboarders typically done on half-pipes. It involves lifting off the ground and using your hand to grab the toe edge. The board is then pulled behind the rider.

These are a selection of some of the most common snowboard freestyle tricks. Start with the beginner's tricks and gradually work your way up to the more advanced stuff. Always practice good safety by using proper snowboarding gear. With some practice and dedication, any person in decent physical shape can learn some impressive tricks.

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