10 Songs About Abuse In Relationships

Songs can cause us to feel a myriad of emotions and if you like songs that deal with a particular topic then you may want to learn about 10 songs about abuse in relationships. These songs cover a variety of different abuse in relationships. From sexual assault to domestic violence, these songs cover it all. 

  1. "Beautiful Prize" by Rick Springfield. This song deals with the sexual abuse of a girl by her father. It includes the lyrics, "Johanna watches the door open just a crack, and a hand that once held her runs down the length of her back."
  2. "The Story of Beauty" by Destiny's Child. This is another song about an abusive parent, this time a stepfather. Lyrics include, "He touched her in places that he shouldn't have touched, he did some things to her he shouldn't have done."
  3. "Take it Like a Woman" by Alice Cooper. This is a song about domestic violence between a man and his wife. It has lyrics that tell the story of the abuse with, "Ya thought you had Mr. Right but he was really Mr. Hyde."
  4. "Luka" by Suzanne Vega. This is a song that was pretty popular in the 80's and is about the physical abuse of a little boy. It has the lyrics, "They only hit you until you cry, and after that you don't ask why."
  5. "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam. Another popular song about abuse in relationships is about friends, family, teachers and fellow students being neglectful. It is all about Jeremy speaking in class to finally be heard and in this case speaking means that he shot himself in front of everyone.
  6. "Love is Blind" by Eve. This is a song about love being blind and taking abuse from someone you love. Lyrics include, "He bought you things he gave you diamond rings but them things wasn't worth none of the pain he brings."
  7. "Ask Me" by Amy Grant. This is a song about child abuse and sexual abuse in relationships between a father and a daughter. It includes the lyrics, "She's mopping up his need, she's tired and afraid."
  8. "Daddy" by Jewel. This song is about mental abuse in relationships between a father and daughter as well. It has the lyrics, "sometimes I want to rip out your throat, daddy for all those things you said that were mean."
  9. "Anna Lee" by Dream Theater. This is a song about sexual abuse in relationships. The sad lyrics have, "Helpless child, they invite your hands to fill their needs."
  10. "What's the Matter Here?" by 10,000 Maniacs. This is a song about a woman who sees the physical abuse in relationships with this one being her neighbor and his little boy. Some of the lyrics include, "Answer me and take your time, what could be the awful crime he could do at such a young age?"

These songs about abuse in relationships carry the heavy weight of society's failure at protecting the weak and the young. Some of the lyrics are especially disheartening but very powerful in their message.

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