10 Songs About Bad Friends

Looking for 10 songs about bad friends? Well, that's awesome because this article will supply you with the best songs about bad friends and friendships gone wrong. When a friendship dies, it's almost like some dying. Something is dying, and it's your friendship. Luckily, there are plenty of songs out there to help you get your frustrations out with lyrics.

  1. "We Used To Be Friends" – Dandy Warhols. This song is a great depiction of a friendship gone bad and now you don't even talk. It's upbeat and energetic while still reminding you of why you aren't friends anymore.
  2. "Friend Of Mine" – Lilly Allen. This song describes a friendship that went horribly wrong and for good reason. This song reminds you that there is always a reason why you stopped being friends or why your friend may be bad for you.
  3. "What About Your Friends" – TLC. This song is perfect for reminding you of why your friends might be bad friends. In an instant you could do something completely stupid and would your true friends back you up or let you down? This song reminds of that factor.
  4. "Betrayal" – Dave Matthews. This is another great song about bad friends. It seems that sometimes you don't realize a friendship is broken, until it's too late. This song describes that emotion in beautiful music and lyrics.
  5. "I Dare You" – Shinedown. This is another favorite added to the list of songs about bad friends. Friendships take work from both sides, it cannot be a one way street and what better why to remind of this fact than this song.
  6. "Dead End" – Dead Kennedys. Sometimes it's hard to admit when a friendship has been over for some time. This song can remind you in a minute that maybe you thought you were closer than you actually were. Sometimes people can just be toxic for your life.
  7. "Stabbed in the Back" – Youth of Today. A perfection storm of emotion, about a friend doing something behind your back, is what you will find in this son. It's a great song to remind you of why you aren't such good friends with that person anymore.
  8. "Walk" – Pantera. This is an oldie but goodie. If you aren't having such good luck with your friend, listen to this song and remind yourself that a friendship must be a two way street or one of you needs to walk.
  9. "Death on Two Legs" – Queen. This is another older song that can still capture the heart of a friend of has had their back stabbed. If your friends aren't helping you out, they are only bring you down.
  10. "Blacklist" – Exodus. There are some people in the world that you wish you could put on a 'blacklist' to block forever. This song reminds you that just because you might have been friends once, doesn't mean you should ever associate with them again.
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