10 Songs About Bad Relationships

It's always liberating to belt out a song about a relationship that is more screwed up than your own, so perhaps that is why these 10 songs about bad relationships are so enticing. Here are ten songs about bad relationships.

  1. "Before He Cheats" Carrie Underwood Cute Carrie instills fear into all men with a wandering eye as she describes taking a baseball bat to her man's little sports car and ripping into that leather interior. As she laments about the white trash girl that has taken the attention of her boyfriend, it's hard not to wonder, what kind of weird relationship is this? Clearly our singer (in this case, the usually sparkly Carrie Underwood) has real anger issues and should probably not be in this unhealthy relationship where her boyfriend continues to stray. Cheating is never a good thing but it's hard not to cringe when hearing about the destruction of a fine automobile.
  2. "Bye Bye Baby" Janis Joplin Joplin might be considered one tough chick, but let's not forget that she has feelings too. This song perfectly illustrates that feeling of wanting to move on and move out of a relationship because it is just holding you back.  
  3. "Lips of an Angel" Hinder This song may be the worst song for a woman to hear, the idea that your man is talking to his ex girlfriend on the phone every night in the other room. The lead singer whines and wallows as if he is speaking to his previous paramour with such devotion while complaining that is current love, who is in the same house at the time, doesn't compare to her. It's a scummy, underhanded song that shows how awful people really can be.
  4. "She F***ing Hates Me" by Puddle of Mudd Wes Scantlin, lead singer of Puddle of Mudd, complains like a teenager about a love that went sour after a week or two. The song's riff was actually lifted from a Suicidal Tendencies song, but that doesn't deny its catchy quality.
  5. "Don't Cry" – Guns N' Roses Axl gets emotional once again for the classic "Don't Cry", a song that eloquently encapsulates the kind of relationship that you often feel with your first love. A relationship that has to end because one of you, or both of you, has changed, causing you to become completely different people. A sad goodbye that is filled with love and compassion when coming from the enigmatic Axl, but let's face it, in real life, those conversations are just infuriating. 
  6. "I Hate Everything About You" Three Days Grace It says it all in the title, a song about loving someone for some reason but hating them for every other reason.
  7. "Cleaning out my Closet"  Eminem Taking a jump back from romantic relationships to mother/son relations gone terribly wrong. Eminem clearly has issues with many people; his strident relationship with his mother results in one of his best songs to date. "Cleaning out my Closet" is a heartbreaking tune about a man who sings from the soul of a boy who just wishes he could have his mommy back. Eminem creates an endearing quality in his entire persona when singing about the anger and agony that was present while his mother failed to raise him.
  8. "Say it ain't so" Weezer Another song about a poor relationship between parents and children, in this case, the drunk father. Lead singer, Rivers Cuomo is able to fill a song with catchy lyrics, poppy sounds and heartfelt vocals all while presenting us with a song that is filled with anguish and sadness. Alcoholic fathers are a total bummer, but Weezer is a band that is able to dwell on it for just a moment and still create a damn good pop song.
  9. "Single Ladies" Beyonce A song about ultimatums, clearly not a healthy relationship.
  10. "Call me when you're sober" Evanescence A song that so perfectly captures a relationship that is clearly over but far from receiving any kind of healthy closure. The common modern practice of drunk dialing is the basis for this song, something that makes a clean break almost impossible.
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