10 Songs About Boy Cheating On Girl

These 10 songs about boy cheating on girl have hit a lot of music lovers right in the heart. Music is a powerful way to express emotions. Most people have songs they relate to because of things that have happened in their life. Love songs are especially strong at arousing emotions in people. Sometimes for the good things that have happened to them, and sometimes for the not so good things, like cheating.

  1. “Before He Cheats.”A song by Carrie Underwood explaining how she got revenge by vandalizing her lover’s truck.
  2. “Never Again.” A song about a boy cheating on a girl performed by Kelly Clarkson. Her lover didn’t tell her to her face, but broke the news to her in a letter. She promises him in the song that she will never love him again.
  3. "You Oughta Know" A cheating song by Alanis Morissette with some pretty bold lyrics. You might not want to listen to this one around the kids.
  4. “Ring the Alarm.” Performed by Beyonce, this song about a boy cheating on a girl and the girl refuses to let it happen.
  5. “Strong Enough.” This song is performed by Cher. In it she is letting her cheating boyfriend that she knows that he messed up and she is ‘strong enough’ to survive it and live without him.
  6. “It’s not Right, but it’s Okay.” Whitney Houston’s boyfriend goes out on the town with the boys in this ‘boy cheating on a girl’ song. When she tells him it’s alright, she’s not giving the nod of approval, but telling him to leave and she will be okay.
  7. “It’s My Party.” In this classic song originally performed by Lesley Gore, Johnny has left the party with Judy. When they return Judy is wearing Johnny’s ring, so Miss Gore sings the famous line, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” The song was later a hit for Shelley Fabares as well.
  8. “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart.” A very famous song about a cheating boyfriend in which Janis Joplin reminds him that she has done everything for him. She tells him that she’s had enough and that she is tough, but then goes on to tell him to just continue to break her heart.
  9. “Kerosene.” In this song, Miranda Lambert sings about her cheating boyfriend who is, “out there holding on to someone.” Because of this she announces that she is giving up on love.
  10. “Talking in Your Sleep.”In this song about a boy cheating a girl, Crystal Gayle has a lover who has dreams and talks in his sleep revealing that he is having an affair.
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