10 Songs About Finding Love

The top 10 songs about finding love can be triumphant or depressing, depending on the story. When you find that someone special, you often feel like singing a song. For those that cannot sing or write a song, there is the list of the best 10 songs about finding love.

  1. "I'm A Believer" (1966) Neil Diamond. When you are not looking for love, that is when it can sometimes hit you the hardest. In this hit song written by Neil Diamond but recorded by The Monkees, a man realizes that the mere view of her face makes him believe in love. It is a fun song and definitely one of the top 10 songs about finding love.
  2. "Always On My Mind" (1972) Johnny Christopher / Mark James / Carson Thompson. A song about realizing you found your true love no matter what is going on in your life belongs on the list of the top 10 songs about finding love. Brenda Lee recorded the original version of this song in 1972, and Willie Nelson made it a cross-over hit with his version in 1982.
  3. "You're Still The One" (1998) Robert John Lange / Shania Twain. This powerful song by Shania Twain sings of finding the one you love and then realizing the power of your love after many life experiences. She wrote it with her husband, and producer, Robert "Mutt" Lange.
  4. "Shameless" (1989) Billy Joel. This song was recorded by Billy Joel and Garth Brooks, and the double superstar attention rocketed the song to the top of the charts. It is one of the top 10 songs about finding love because it tells of how humble a man can feel when he knows he has found his love.
  5. "Unchained Melody" (1965) Alex North / Hy Zaret. This is a true classic song about the love a man feels when he finds the right woman. It has been covered by many artists since its 1965 release, but the Righteous Brothers version remains one of the top 10 songs about finding love of all time.
  6. "I Swear" (1993) Gary Baker / Frank J. Myers. This is one of the more powerful entries on the list of the top 10 songs about finding love. Its message of devotion and happiness has made it a staple at weddings since it was released in 1994.
  7. "Far Away" (2006) Chad Kroeger. This song is about finding that someone you love and then realizing what you had when you lose them. It is a very sad but powerful song by the band Nickelback.
  8. "Thank You" (1969) Robert Plant / Jimmy Page. Led Zeppelin was not known for ballads, but this song about finding the love of your life and then thanking her for being there is a powerful one. It talks of a love that overcomes the sky and the oceans, and that is what makes it one of the top 10 songs about finding love.
  9. "For Crying Out Loud" (1977) Jim Steinman. Singer Meat Loaf and writer Jim Steinman penned many ballads together, but "For Crying Out Loud" (1977) is the one that talks about a man trying to convince his lady that he loves her. It almost feels like a desperate song where Meat Loaf is trying to tell his lady that he has finally found the love of his life and it is her.
  10. "Can't Help Falling In Love" (1961) George David Weiss / Hugo E, Peretti / Luigi Creatore. This was one of the biggest hits for Elvis Presley, and a song that definitely one of the top 10 songs about finding love. Elvis goes into very elaborate descriptions of his feelings and compares his joy at finding true love to some of the most powerful forces in nature.
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