10 Songs About First Love

These 10 songs about first love are oftentimes filled with confusion. After all, love, puberty, adulthood and all that are mysterious life changes. The young and in love may not know exactly what hit them, but they no doubt have marks—and sometimes scars—from the first strike.

  1. "Puppy Love" — Paul Anka — Adults call it puppy love. First love will never last, they say. Hey, but sometimes it sticks. After all, how would one account for all the high school sweethearts still married today?
  2. "I Want To Hold Your Hand" — The Beatles  — Holding hands can lead to other things. But it's the first stop on the highway tour of love. And with first love, it's always a thrill.
  3. "I Think I Love You" — Partridge Family — How could we forget that multi-colored bus? Yes, it was a singing family traveling around the world. When they weren't careful, these kids sometimes fell in love. Not just young love, but on the road first love, just like real traveling musicians.
  4. "One Boy, One Girl" -Collin Raye — This song is all about "two hearts beating wildly." And doesn't that perfectly describe young love?
  5. "Young Love" — Sonny James — This oldie says it all with the title. Sonny James knew how many younger ones would relate to it, which is probably why it was such a big hit.
  6. "She's In Love With The Boy" – Trisha Yearwood — When a girl loves a boy, nothing can stop her. This lyric suggests that opposition to the relationship might even make her love him more. These two are out to prove that young love can mature to adult love.
  7. "Love Story" — Taylor Swift — The wonderful thing about Taylor Swift is that when she sings about young love, she's singing about the here and now. Unlike most pop stars that can only sing about young love while looking back.
  8. "Jack & Diane" — John Cougar Mellencamp — Jack may have an annoying habit of sucking on chilli dogs, but his teenage dream, Diane, loves him anyway. Ain't that sweet?
  9. "Give Me Your Heart" – Backstreet Boys — When it comes to boy bands, every song they sing is a first love song. Hopefully, these singers aren't already on their second and third marriages by the time they have their first love song hits.
  10. "Wouldn't It Be Nice" — The Beach Boys — This a fairly mature song for such a young band — at least at the time. Brian Wison thought it'd be so nice to be married. Kids today just shack up, instead.
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