10 Songs About Growing Apart From Friends

So you're own your own in a new place or your last friend just ended the friendship and you're looking for songs about growing apart from friends. First, listen to the songs on this list. Second, ask yourself why you have no friends left. After you do that, go make some friends and try not to grow apart from your new friends. This doesn't have to be a vicious cycle.

  1. "Never Say Goodbye" Bon Jovi This is the song you listen to when you're on your own in a new place and you're missing those old times. Assuming that you miss those old times. Or liked them in the first place.
  2. "Best I Ever Had" Vertical Horizon You or your best friend has left the friendship and you aren't sure you want things back the way they were. Even though you've grown apart, you know that this is the best friendship you've ever had. This song fits those emotions perfectly.
  3. "Summer of '69" Bryan Adams This song is about hanging out with your friends, starting a band and everyone else finding something better to do. If you have those friends you aren't sure why you miss, think of this song.
  4. "Wherever You Will Go" The Calling You're leaving and you have that one friend that's always there for you. Pick this song about growing part from that friend, but hoping you'll be back one day. It suits the occasion.
  5. "Last Goodbye" Jeff Buckley OK, so it's a song about a relationship ending. But if you've got that one friend you know you shouldn't hang out with and you just can't help yourself, you'll totally get this song.
  6. "Here's to the Night" Eve 6 This song is obviously about leaving your friends after tonight. If you're moving away from some friends you actually like, this song's for you.
  7. "Times Like These" Foo Fighters This song is more about making a decision to stay in a relationship than growing apart from a friend, but it strikes the same chord anyway. If you're got a friend you're not sure you even like, go with this one.
  8. "Don't You Forget About Me" Simple Minds You know this song from "The Breakfast Club." If you graduated from high school in the late '80s, this was your song. Although don't take it too seriously about growing apart from friends unless your friends are a motley group from different cliques and you share nothing in common. In that case, why are they your friends?
  9. "Friends Never Say Goodbye" Elton John He's gotta make a decision that's going to take him away from a friend he thought he would never leave. He's a jerk, so he's going to do it. But he won't forgot what they've shared, he just has to do something else, OK?
  10. "Ruby Tuesday" Rolling Stones Not exactly a song about growing apart from your friends, but the sentiment still fits. Keith Richards wrote the song about an ex and, like your friends, she didn't know what she wanted either.
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