10 Songs About Growing Up Too Fast

It's not surprising to find these 10 songs about growing up too fast. Kids are growing up too fast. In fact, adults have always thought kids grew up too fast. Even so, it sure seems like they're on time-lapsed photography these days.


  1. "What's My Age Again?" — Sum 41: With "What's My Age Again?", these Canadian pop-punk stars faced fast-approaching adulthood. Just as bands wonder what town they're in, from day to day, young people must sometimes wonder how old they really are.
  2. "Last Dance with Mary Jane" — Tom Petty: Mary Jane is that girl that became a woman, almost over night. Somehow, we want girls to remain as young as we always remember them. But, that just doesn't happen.
  3. "Sweet Sixteen" — Destiny's Child: Enjoy sweet sixteen while it lasts, because that's only one year out of life. Granted, it's an important year. The age of 18 is big, too. The age of 21 is even bigger. After that, it's just bigger numbers, is all.
  4. "Circle Game" — Joni Mitchell: Joni Mitchell wrote this when she was really young. She may have been really smart. She might have been really lucky. Whatever the case, she got it right.
  5. "Sister Christian" — Night Ranger: "Babe, you know you're growing up too fast," Night Ranger sang, "And your mama's worrying." Yes, the fast growth of teens puts worry in most parents' hearts.
  6. "18 And Life" — Skid Row: It's one thing to grow up fast. It's quite another thing to take on a life of crime young. That's what happens in this gun-happy rock song.
  7. "Walkaway Joe" — Trisha Yearwood: "Mama told her baby, girl take it real slow." Famous last words, eh? If you tell a young person to slow down, they'll only react by speeding up. Mamas oftentimes know best, but little girls learn how to tune them out–even when they're giving good advice.
  8. "I'm Just A Kid — Simple Plan: It's crazy because teens start to look like an adult on the outside, but feel like they're still a kid on the inside. That's what this song suggests. He may claim to still be a kid, but he doesn't look like one anymore.
  9. "Magic Man" — Heart: When you're a kid yourself, this just sounds like a cool rock song. But when you examine the lyrics, the guy in it turns out to be a creep. Heart was pretty wise beyond their years.
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