10 Songs About Hate

There are definitely more than 10 songs about hate, but not all of them are really that memorable. However there are some keepers in the wild mix of hate songs out there, so we’ve come up with a list of memorable songs about hate just for you.

  1. Three Days Grace – "I Hate Everything about You." The name of the song says it all without much effort, which is probably why it’s one of the first songs people think of when racking their brains for songs about hate.

  2. Rihanna Featuring Nelly – "Hate That I Love You." This song puts a different spin on your average songs about hate. It actually portrays a mixture of both love and hate without leaving that angry, sad area that is so popular with these kinds of songs.

  3. Joan Jett – "I Hate Myself for Loving You." This song about hate had to find a spot on the list, because it’s probably one of the originals that decided to meld love and hate together. When in fact so many people find themselves in some type of love hate relationship, it’s no wonder this song has been a popular one for so long.

  4. Chimaira – "Pure Hatred." Another title that sums up what the song is about in a nutshell. Those who are into finding out the thoughts of others on topics like true hatred would love this song.

  5. Avenge Sevenfold – "Lips of Deceit." Although the song doesn’t have the word in its name, this is definitely another one of those songs about hate. In fact it’s an intense rendition of how broken someone can become with hate.

  6. Cradle of Filth – "Nemesis." Nobody is really ever hated more than a nemesis, are they? Whether you have one yourself of you are just curious about what a nemesis is really like, this would be the song for you.

  7. System of a Down – "Streamline." This is a song about hate that is reversed, in that it’s more about self hatred than hating someone else. It’s a great song to listen to when you need a reminder of why life isn’t so bad after all.

  8. Seether – "You Bore." This is one of those songs about hate that you can enjoy when you are really angry with someone but there isn’t much that you can do about it. Turn it up and let that steam out!

  9. The Early November – "I Want to Hear you Sad." This can easily be considered a good break up song thanks to its emphasis on such unhappiness with an ex-loved one. Although this is not as popular as other songs about hate, it definitely deserves acknowledgement.

  10. Kelis – "I Hate You So Much Right Now." And our final song about hate today is one that has an upbeat presence but still lays it down like it is. Its lyrics are simple, clear and to the point.

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