10 Songs About Hating Friends

The top 10 songs about hating friends offer a wide spectrum of emotion. These are the kind of songs that are so catchy you want to sing along, but you don't dare if your best friend is around. See how many of these songs about hating friends you recognize.

  1. "Lithium" (1992) – Nirvana. When you really read the lyrics for this song you begin to realize why it is one of the top ten songs about hating friends. Kurt Cobain obviously dismisses his real friends in this song and says that he prefers to be by himself.
  2. "Everything About You" (1992) – Ugly Kid Joe. There is not a lot of love in this entry on the list of top ten best songs about hating friends, and the lyrics are meant to be sung to a girlfriend. These are some pretty harsh lyrics that talk about how much the guy just hates his girlfriend and her entire existence.
  3. "Friends in Low Places" (1990) – DeWayne Blackwell / Earl Bud Lee. Garth Brooks made this song famous, and it is a staple of his live performance set list. It cuts down his former girlfriend while elevating his less-than-admirable friends at the same time.
  4. "Hate My Life" (2008) – Theory of a Dead Man. In this member of the list of top ten songs about hating friends, nothing is sacred. The lead singer's friends, wife and his boss all get told off in this song.
  5. "How Do You Like Me Now?!" (1999) – Toby Keith. When Toby Keith made it big, the first thing he wanted to do was rub it in the face of every one of his high school friends that told him he would never make it. The song focuses on one person, but Keith's message is universal.
  6. "Whatever You Say" (1999) – Ed Hill / Tony Martin. Country singer Martina McBride made this song a hit back in 1999. It describes the disintegration of a relationship of some kind and lets the listener know that Martina has had enough of the person she is singing to.
  7. "I Drink Alone" (1985) – George Thorogood. George Thorogood and his band the Destroyers enjoyed singing about bars, pool halls and down and out people. This song is all about how much Thorogood hates people, and how he prefers to spend his time drinking alone.
  8. "We Used to Be Friends" (2003) – The Dandy Warhols. This song is more about taunting an old girlfriend than anything else. It is merciless in its insistence that if the girl wants some action, she just needs to call. The tone of the song makes it pretty obvious that there is a long-standing hatred for the girl.
  9. "I Will Survive" (1978) – Freddie Perren / Dino Fekaris. This was a huge hit single for Gloria Gaynor and definitely one of the top 10 songs about hating friends. Gaynor spends the entire song telling her ex just how much she cannot stand him.
  10. "People Are People" (1984) – Depeche Mode. The entire song centers around how confused lead singer David Gahan is that someone hates him so much for what appears to be no reason at all. The song goes on to describe a very negative relationship and the confusion it can create.
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